Copyrights, stolen cars and parts, How to tune a car without getting into trouble!!!



7/14/2002 11:45 AM

Savidge And I (Scare_Tuning) Will be telling you about Copyrights, Stolen Cars parts what’s going to happen.

First of all this is a very important topic. This may be long to read but I can Not stress enough how important this is, whether you want to tune a car, edit it in any way, release someone else’s car on your or somebody else’s site. Please Read on.

My (Scare_Tuning) Information and thoughts to this:

Well I tune cars myself...
And I never stole one part or car.
Every car I ever made has been released without exception, and yet I still see people uploading cars with stolen parts on them, or even stolen cars. Sometimes the cars don’t even get changed.
When I email these people I always get stupid excuses E.G:Oh I couldn’t get through to the author, I added credits I didn’t know I had to ask.. and so many more.
Look go to my site.. you will find some fords, Audis etc there.
Well on the 2 fords I couldn’t find the author (that’s ok I can understand that) but if you checked my read me back then I said, who ever is the original author please contact me.. I will add you to the credits or remove this car from every site it has been posted to.
Now Kevin Wolfe (author of the cars and owner of Aussie Muscles Website) contacted me about 2 weeks later and informed me that they were his cars.. I apologized and added credits. I would have removed the car if he requested it.. After all it was his hard work that made that car possible. Now if you have anything similar happen please try your hardest to find the author. If you cant, do what I did. If you can’t contact the author (he doesn’t respond to emails) bad luck.You have to keep it to yourself.Now if you cant remember the author or and you cant find a readme with an email adress or any sort of name to the author you can post it but say that the author should contact you.Now but dont think well be dumb enough to buy it if it is a stolen car and it was obvious that you asked but never got a response or just didnt bother, or look hard enough.Be wraned try to fool us and we will ban you from this website, and any other that your car is seen on. If he doesn’t give an email address that means.. Sorry bro can’t have it in other words don’t tune and release my car.

My (Savidge) Thoughts to this:

Stealing cars and parts becomes a bigger topic every day. I am admin here since one week and found about 4 uploaded cars with no permission from the original author.
To make one thing clear: Always ask the original author for permission if you modify or convert a car. If he doesn’t respond, please keep the car for yourself, only crediting him is not enough. And if he says no, please take it as a no. I made this experience that I have said no, as someone wanted to convert one of my cars I said no, but I found it one week later on a EVO4X4 site, with no credits of course.

Many great car designers have already quitt because of things like that. Do you really want that this trend continues?

Car designers, webmasters, if you tune or create cars from scratch please post a comment. We want this to go through the nfs community, also post this on your site, we want everyone to know that they can tune cars etc. if only they keep within the rights!!!

Savidge & Scare_Tuning


7/14/2002 12:07:08 PM

YES , This what we want you guys talk about ,because the thiefs are giting more and more evry hour ,because .....

7/14/2002 1:14:24 PM

Great job, guys. I hope this reduces the number of stolen cars at NFSCArs. ;)

7/14/2002 5:53:46 PM

I think it was a great idea to post this copyright stuff, cuz people, like me, tune cars and modify them right after downloading. The only difference between them and me is I keep all of my mods now. Every car I download, I cant seem to find the author and its so annoying to go through so much trouble just to find the author.

7/14/2002 8:11:32 PM

I am glad that someone has put this on the front page for all of the thievs to see. I will be releasing a few new scratch made cars on here soon and I dont want them stolen. Maybee this will help.

7/14/2002 8:21:46 PM

i dont like cars that have been tuned its so lame, why dont people just make their own cars now? If your gonna do something do it properly

7/14/2002 8:30:27 PM

I was pretty shocked that one of my crappy Camaros got stolen. granted, the modified car looked pretty decent, but one thing that I point out in the readmes to all my cars is NOT to modify them, as they contain some parts and/or features that were not made by me.

yet, people still fail to listen and go ahead and take the car anyway. in my case, the original author credits were completely removed, which eventually resulted in the thief getting their cars removed and banned.

to all users: keep an eye out for suspected stolen cars and parts and alert the admins of the theft. cars and parts are going to continue to get stolen, so we may as well do whatevers necessary to prevent it :(

7/14/2002 8:33:59 PM

think of it as NFSCars Neighborhood Watch ;)

then again, some exclusive cars on smaller sites like JPRacing or on other NFS car sites like NFSGarage wind up getting cars stolen from NFSCars on them (or vice versa)

this is comparable to the NFS cars that get ripped off and placed on MM2 car sites.

just try to watch the new releases on these sites to point out stolen cars.

7/14/2002 8:51:53 PM

I believe that if you use someones parts or base that you owe ti to them to get their permission before releasing it. Now saying that, I believe my car (Honda Accord Ultimate VI)was removed from the sight and hope no one thinks that I stole parts. I used a spoiler and front skirt from someones silvia, and the wheels I believe were from Kermit. I hade asked for permission and received it months (like 8 - 9) ago. The rest of the car is the EA BMW M5 that I use as my base for most cars. If my car was removed for some other reason please e-mail me!

7/15/2002 1:05:59 AM

Ok, I agree that stealing other peoples work is completely wrong, but....... this is a GAME people.

I have been modding games over in the NASCAR world for some time now and the same problem cropped up there from time to time. Let me tell you, there are ways around it. I wont tell you what they are here, because then every Tom, Dick and thief on the net will be looking for them. But if you have even half the intelligence of most people, you can figure it out. One that is common and no secret is locking the VIV files so they cant be opened.

Just remember this is only a game we are dealing with here, not auto maker secrets from the real world or nuclear secrets!

There will always be theft in this business and the laws on copyrights to intellectual property still arent clear, so lets not jump the gun and start the next inquisition here. If you have doubts about someones work,ask them privately before banning them on the spot. It is very possible that two people could have the same idea and 2 VERY similiar cars.....

Nuff said.
AKA Jknapp4877
Mod maker at

7/15/2002 2:13:56 PM

its about damn time, i have had two cars removed because the person that made the origional couldnt be reached, although the latest one, my bmw m5 gtr, was on top of the d/l board for 4days untill it was removed, its good that people release so called stolen cars because it gives the origional authers more insentive to create a car thats undoubtedly theirs and cannot be made to look like any one elses, take my latest car, i have made from scratch a honda prelude with the cyber motorsports predetor body kit on, it took me neaRLY 4 MONTHS TO GET THE FRONT BUMPER RIGHT so any one seen using this bumper or the wheels from my car will be seen straight away as it is so recognisable as my kit, but using it is ok if you give credits to me, i would feel humble in the knowledge that my cars are even good enough for people to tune/rice/mess up!! any ways dont steal its bad!

D-Power Factory
7/15/2002 6:07:05 PM


I ever tuned cars, and even Ryuji K. cars. He is hard to contact, but I could talk with him by email and I tune my cars with permission! People. simply do like this!!! Have permission, do the right way!!!

You guys know some of my tuning works and I ever did it with permission!

Car thiefs go to hell.

7/15/2002 9:42:36 PM

As car designer and car tuner, Im agree with this.
Many ppl mail me to convert most of my cars to another game : I refuse and I see the car all the same.
I swear that I never stole any parts made by another guy.
In the beginning, Im released my car without permission but now, I know what it is to be steal and now, I always ask permission and I often get it.

Newbies, ask permission before use parts or cars else, your car will never be here...

7/15/2002 11:01:33 PM

lets talk about copyrights you cannot copyright a gamepiece unless you have a contract with an auto maker or the maker of the game you made the car or part for if you post it on the web be prepared to see it used remember chevy,ford,dodge,bmw,vw all already have copyrights on these designs just like ea has a copyright on thier games most people are honest enough to give proper credit but there still a few bad apples as far as permissions it always good to try and get them besides guys aint that what its all about make your stuff for all to enjoy its only a game not brainsurgery for petes sake

7/16/2002 5:58:46 AM

Beltlogger...............That is why I make fantasy cars (avoid the whole thing). I and others will certainly copyright our material. The Mesh is unmistakably a product of individual artistic talent. And as such falls under artistic copyright laws (which can be claimed with or without registration). This is why you dont see big scuffles over tgas. Tgas contain logos and nameplates and visual references. The mesh does not. Most authors claim copyright infringement on the mesh. Hence the poly counting, and the number of vertices. I submit to you that the mesh FORD used to design their Focus is NOT the same as fivespeeds mesh. Therefore in that state fivespeed can copyright the artwork. Nuff said. I am glad this has been posted.

7/16/2002 6:08:14 AM

Heh I see one slight problem there beltlogger!!!
This is what I wrote in the message board when silversurfer posted something about this.

Ok here it is:

Well you nearly got it
But there is a few things wrong with that (I asked my dad about this a while ago becouse i wanted to sell cds with my Tuned cars on em.And well my dad is really good with legal stuff but just to make sure i rang up his lawyer.And well he said there is a few problems.

1.I would have to buy copyrights by the manufactures of the cars parts etc. used on the 3d models. (although i doubt they would even look or care since what are they gonna sue me for? 20 bucks ok fine have it)

2.If I just modify someones car that does go against the copyrights.Since as soon as you make something it is automaticly yours right? so copyrighted by you.Now you cannot just take someones car and mod it then release it.He could get you in trouble for that (but still very doubtfull since what are they gonna do?? remove your car) but what they could do is get your internet provider to kick you of (trust me they wouldnt want you to do anything illegal over their connection)

3.If you could really do what you guys said.. well then why dont i just go on a stealing spree copy everything of a site that didnt buy rights for images that they made etc.

Now I got all my 3d work copyrighted By my dads company OK4U PTY lmtd , OK4ME Family Trust.I own one 6th of that company thats why i was able to copyright my things.
Now for that reason I advise especially not to steal my tuff
Or any one elses since they automaticly copyrightd it when they made it.


That was it.
And NO that is not a lie.

7/16/2002 9:29:07 AM

hey i have done one bad thing!! i got permission for the body of the car i modified but not for the parts which i took off of a nother car but that was my very first car i ever made and over 2 years ago. oh and one other time but that was mistaken identity. and i had that car removed from NFS GARAGE because of 1 comment that started off 100 all because of Spoiler stands that looked like some one elses. oh well i am rambeling on again(i always do that).

7/16/2002 9:36:43 AM

i was just repeteing the quote about copyrights it was brought up on another car site and there was great discussion (and cussing) over it
i understand what you all are saying you work hard on this stuff but there are those of us that cant draw a striat line with a ruler
iam one of those i can do simple modeling like taillight housings hoodscoops small stuff therefore i depend on the generosity of you guys usally all you got to do is ask i have done serveral convertions and all have been with the authors permission and i have never relesed anything that was someone elses saying it was mine i always put the original artist first then i make it clear that i only converted his work
then if i used others parts or wheels they get the credit they deserve tritoch has several vehicles i would like to use but when i ask i never got a response so i keep it for myself i love some of the wierd stuff he makes
oh by the way i also use your work in nfs 4
you all do great work and when i convert your work i do good work i try to keep as it was in the original game well thats my two cents worth i hope i didnt offend anyone
Terry :D

7/16/2002 1:37:24 PM

I have been noticing my parts as of late, and yes, while the parts I have on my site are free to use (with proper credits), we all have to realize that each author may be different in this regard. Most require permission before release. Im sorry if I come off a little terse, but I really get agitated over this copyright issue. The points of law concerning artistic copyright I know well, because I have been an illustrator for the last 17 years of my life. :D

7/17/2002 12:08:49 AM

listen.. i dont make cars, i dont tune cars.. i dont even care to know how to.. but you cant just say..i made this car therefor it is copywriten to my name.. it doesnt work like that, especially on thee internet.. you need to have proof you created it, and in many cases you need some sort of offical document, not just a txt file plopped into a zip. Granted theres that artistic copyright shit.. but 90% of the cars arnt the orginal material of the author, its not their design.. so therefore they have no claim to it. Just because they sat infront of their computer for any number of hours copying a picture of a real world car that doesnt make the design of that car theirs, and it doesnt make the product theirs.. i mean if you got express permission from the car manufacturer that only you and you alone could produce said car for said game it would be a different story and Im positive that not a single car on this entire sight does not have that kind of authority.
so essentially what im saying is that all this shit doesnt really exist, its just a set of 1s and 0s on a harddrive located god knows where, thats not real. and besides everyone who made a real car, real body modification or copied anything they saw in a movie is a theif already so whats the point of trying to stop people from taking youre cars if you already stole them? argueably you have artistic right and have produced this car.. but so does the designer who orginally created the car, and he has it first and a real car is leaps and bounds more important then some stupid computer game.
you people are just being babies, and besides if you really didnt want people to use youre parts without permission you could hack the file so it wont work unless you have a password or got the orginal file from the author.

7/17/2002 1:31:51 AM

Ok, first off, stealing vars is stupid, case closed. I dont steal. Even if i cant 3D render for my life. PLUS, as for copyright, EVERY car i make for this game other then my 300 and 400 series are completely copywritten to me! I own the origonal designs, and Ive got them copywritten! Second, I do steal parts and mod cars and all that, but EVERY one is still on my computer and not the net, half of them are for nfs3. People should stop stealing cars, i should try and keep my rants on a point. And someone should teach me how to make a car from scratch!

My rants make no sense..
Majin Kakarotto

7/17/2002 3:17:00 AM

afx those 0s and 1s are admissible in court. All I can say is, in all of my 32 years, I have never benn wintness to so much hogwash concerning copyrights. Suffice it to say, I know what can, and cannot be copyrighted. If some of you chose to be ignorant of these issues so be it. But ignorance will not hold up in a court of law; a signed document will

7/17/2002 4:42:44 AM

tritoch.. where are the signed documents? there are no signed documents.. believe it or not lawyers arent stupid.. and they are going to look into how incredibally easy it is to forge a txt file. i could make one right now dated like 6 months ago with my name on it lising your parts and claim legitimacy. its not hard (also different countries have different laws concerning internet fraud so dont just assume your might american injustice is correct). besides... who really gives a f*ck about a racing video game? I mean whats the point of having this whole debate? its completely redundant.. someone whos avidly stealing cars comes here, has stolen cars from another sight, posts them, they get removed, they go to another sight that doesnt give a shit, voila they have their own cars. its a battle that cant be won.

7/17/2002 4:45:43 AM

like I said - Ignorance................

7/17/2002 5:07:49 AM

Im sorry, I have to take a stand here. afx you are entitled to your opinion. But let me make one thing very clear to you (and I dont care if this gets me banned or not, Im still standing here.) opinions and laws are very different, international copyright laws are the same the world over (unless you live on mars).Would you dare copy one of Beethovens Sonatas and call it your own, even though you could forge a note? Would you dare copy Picasos Sunflowers and sign your name? Same ****** principle appies!!!!!!!!!!!!!. See what I mean!? MANY DIFERENT TYPES OF MEDIA - SAME LAWS APPLY!!!!!!!! Id seriously like you to tell this to my Lawyer. When I said Document, Im not just speaking of a written Document. Documents also include paintings, Melodies, Drawings, renders (which is where the 3D mesh of a car falls into), the list goes on and on. I would suggest that you get an education and know: something before taking me on in a debate. To all others that have to wittness this little debacle, I am truely sorry, But my Dad taught me if you dont stand for your rights, you may as well have them taken away. I am certainly NOT going to let that happen. As far as where my signed documents are - Same way Picaso or Rembrandt signed there work. I have my Originals with me. Do you honestly think I am going to release my sig on the file?

7/17/2002 6:08:20 AM

Here is the U.S. goverment defintion of Copright.
AFX is right.


TITLE 17 > CHAPTER 1 > Sec. 101. Next
Sec. 101. - Definitions

A work of visual art is -


a painting, drawing, print, or sculpture, existing in a single copy, in a limited edition of 200 copies or fewer that are signed and consecutively numbered by the author, or, in the case of a sculpture, in multiple cast, carved, or fabricated sculptures of 200 or fewer that are consecutively numbered by the author and bear the signature or other identifying mark of the author; or


a still photographic image produced for exhibition purposes only, existing in a single copy that is signed by the author, or in a limited edition of 200 copies or fewer that are signed and consecutively numbered by the author.

A work of visual art does not include -



[B]any poster, map, globe, chart, technical drawing, diagram, model, applied art, motion picture or other audiovisual work, book, magazine, newspaper, periodical, data base, electronic information service, electronic publication, or similar publication; [B]


any merchandising item or advertising, promotional, descriptive, covering, or packaging material or container;

7/17/2002 6:18:37 AM

Something else to add to that, they counterdict each other, let me find more

Pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works include two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of fine, graphic, and applied art, photographs, prints and art reproductions, maps, globes, charts, diagrams, models, and technical drawings, including architectural plans. Such works shall include works of artistic craftsmanship insofar as their form but not their mechanical or utilitarian aspects are concerned; the design of a useful article, as defined in this section, shall be considered a pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work only if, and only to the extent that, such design incorporates pictorial, graphic, or sculptural features that can be identified separately from, and are capable of existing independently of, the utilitarian aspects of the article.

7/17/2002 6:20:47 AM

Damnit here is another one...

in the case of a pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work incorporated in a building or structure, the building or structure is located in the United States.

A useful article is an article having an intrinsic utilitarian function that is not merely to portray the appearance of the article or to convey information. An article that is normally a part of a useful article is considered a useful article.

The authors widow or widower is the authors surviving spouse under the law of the authors domicile at the time of his or her death, whether or not the spouse has later remarried.

7/17/2002 6:26:57 AM

That crap up there is boring to read throogh, but as I went on I found a intresting and huge pargragh that was split up it to 32 different sections. It said that if you are imputting somthing itno a collective it there for cant be copyright, is consederted a collective by there terms. Only the runners of the site put down can be copyrighted, it is AFX right to add on to your or my car. There is nothing by law that can stop him. Also since you dont pay money then people art cant be banned it says in one of the other parts.

Khaos Racing Inc

7/17/2002 4:24:35 PM

What point did you make Khoas? My meshes are still copyrighted. Period, end of story, fini, finito, and they all lived happily ever after.

Linkin Park
7/17/2002 6:45:41 PM

I AM THE BEST!!!!!!!!:D

7/17/2002 9:13:28 PM

Out of all my readinginto U.S. copyright rules it had nothing about a mesh or any thing regaurding a mesh. So it means that the graphic falls under visaul art. So there for there are guide lines, one is that tech drawings cant be copywrited, all a car is is a tech drawing with a texture. That means you cant copywrite a tech drawing

Khaos Racing Inc

7/17/2002 11:02:00 PM

thanks for the assitance khaos
id like to reiterate this point of his post
A work of visual art does not include -



any poster, map, globe, chart, technical drawing, diagram, model, applied art, motion picture or other audiovisual work, book, magazine, newspaper, periodical, data base, electronic information service, electronic publication, or similar publication;
and more importantly id like to make something very clear.
A work of visual art does not include an [u]electronic publication/[/u]. All of these cars qualify as a a electronic publication. Therefor cannot be copy written. Therefor the stealing of these cars is not a crime. And even further more all said that said cars cannot be copied with out owners permission have no claim.

7/18/2002 2:19:57 AM

ok lets do this then ppl lets go out steal everyones stuff.. graphics from other sites.. pictures... lets steal the cars from other games what do you say?

people you cant just take anyones 3d work...
or i could just take osmebodys game change the neame of it and sell it legally.. I highly doubt you would get through with it.
So lets e totally reallistsic here.
Sure I could just take somebodys cars and re release them under my name... the car would get deleted id get blocked, the author might quit making cars for nfs.. nothing more.
Also if the owner of the car finds out your ip adress finds your internet provider and tells them they will not even bother waiting they will send you a legal notice and kick you off their network.
Also why go through all this trouble is it really that hard to send an email and add creditz?

Also no permission? oh well keep it to your self or only send it to some ppl...

Please do not keep saying but you cant do anything about it and stuff like that.
Why would you want to release a car under your name you never even done anything to it.Maybe you added some spoilers and stuff.. oh well add the creditz.. dont be A$$holes.


7/18/2002 3:21:50 AM

Have either of you sat on the bench for more years than you can count? Do you presume to tell me something by writting all of this law scripture on this post. It is nothing I havent seen before. However, my original work is still copyrighted (hint: they are not tech drawings).Argue with me all you like, I am still right, you are still wrong (no matter how much law you want to quote) You simply dont understand what we are saying. Let me quote you a higher law: THOU SHALT NOT STEAL. Argue with that.

7/18/2002 7:11:00 AM

Damn straight tritoch.... but dare to steal any of my stuff and ill sue you ;).. as if you read my first long comment about the law and stuff youll see i copyrighted all my work.


7/18/2002 9:57:54 AM

did you guys pay the 30.00 fee for each of the cars or parts that you say are copyrighted and send in the form and a copy of each car or part you say is copyrighted i been reading these posts and i said leave us go the copyright laws main web site here is whats involved in copyrighting visual art here is what i found

Step 1
Make sure your work is a visual arts work. Visual arts are pictorial, graphic, or sculptural works, including 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works of fine, graphic, and applied art. Here are examples of visual arts. Useful articles may have both copyrightable and noncopyrightable features (read details). Some architectural works also qualify as visual arts works. (read details).

Step 2
Put into one envelope or package

a completed application Form VA

a $30 payment to Register of Copyrights.

nonreturnable copy(ies) of the material to be registered. Read details on deposit requirements.
Step 3
Send the package to

Library of Congress
Copyright Office
101 Independence Avenue, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20559-6000
Your registration becomes effective on the day that the Copyright Office receives your application in good order, payment, and copy(ies). If your application is in order, you will receive a certificate of registration in 4 to 5 months.
and here is the link to the page i found this


there are other info linked from these pages like automatic protection now more than likely under the new law your work may or may not be copyright protected but in order to try to go to court and sue someone you have to follow the above process to get documentation which you must have in order to sue someone and if a person has 2 or 3 hundred cars or parts and someone has stolen 100 of them that would a pile of money to pay out so what would be wrong if someone used your cars or parts and gave you all the praise and credits for you work you deserve even if they did not ask your permission. but if you find your work being just out and out stolen that would be a horse of a different color then take steps to remedy the situation i believe that most of you guys are pretty decent i know you work hard on what you make i have done a couple of cars that where not much more than round balls and tubes but with the right manipulation of these you can fashion a car of sorts well ill stop rambling just my thoughts

7/18/2002 11:35:25 PM

by assuming that i am a christian and i follow the set of christianitys rules you are far more arrogant then you would assume me to be.

7/18/2002 11:37:47 PM

oh and if you want a more realistic less personalized arguement then hows this..
christians dont rule the world
simple conclusion christian rules dont rule the world
and even if they did the people who arent christians the rules of said christianity wouldnt apply to them, thus christianitys and Gods rules do not apply to who ever wasnt a christian. and i for one am not a christian so dont preach that to me.

7/19/2002 1:43:41 AM

He he he...
WEll I did not have to do it your way beltlogger
Since I got as said above it copyrighted over a company.But anyways fine as I allready said.If yu want to be an asshole and steal someones car.. go right ahead.I dont think many ppl will like it though.

But I still have to say.Is it really that hard to write an email and credit?
Becouse if you cant you must be a f@cking dumba$$


7/19/2002 5:16:54 AM

i agree with you i was just siting due process for normal people that dont have ties to a company iam sure there are different ways to copyright something when i use a car from any nfs site it has a permission email to do so
but i will always think that to much is being made over this if you all were making money off these it would be different. rememeber its just a game

7/19/2002 6:47:22 AM

so,... stealing is ok? All major religions of the world have the same basic tenants. This I know for a fact. If stealing is ok for you how far off is murder? Or adultery? Are you truely evil incarnate? By assuming that I am Christian is folly on your part. I used that as a world recognized reference and you obviously got my point.

7/19/2002 6:53:08 AM

So far you have proven a rather bitter, arrogant,and selfish individual with little principles portrayed. I have seen nationalty hatered, and now religious ignorance in your posts. Argueing with you further would be as pointless as your arguement has been thus far. But, I thank you, A good debate is always envigorating.


7/19/2002 10:29:44 AM

if you were talking to me i never said stealing was ok but i think you were refering to the comments made by afx it seems he has a very low opinion of Christians and christianity in general which is reduntant because we were talking about how to edit cars without getting into trouble and the solution is just ask whats the worst that could happen all they can say is no and unless you cant handle rejection thats not so bad

7/19/2002 12:43:43 PM

Although I am not christin anglican or anything (I dont believe.. sorry if this upsets any of you)
But I still believe Stealing is wrong.And I must agree with tritoch.. how far of will murder be etc. but really right now this is a game and a childish play.But maybe after a while it will go to far.Who knows.But if you ppl out there are smart.. then just dont bother stealing as youll go through more trouble then just asking for permit and crediting.


7/19/2002 3:01:06 PM

I agree with you guys, stealing cars is wrong, but you cant stop it. There will always be that person who will do it, it is a part of the community. If it would be me I would send all those peoples cars to a minor site, but I also know how hard it is to up hold a site of this magnitude. Sacre all you can do is ethier kick them out or find another punishment. All I was trying to do in my above post was that did the cars have a copyright. I found out that the dont. A grafic under the terms of the U.S. is a digataly inhanced picture and also you cant make 200 copies. So is it right yes, can you do it mybe, will you allow it, well that part is up to you. This issue needs to stay with the cars themselfs because parts are going to become more and more of an issue.

Khaos Racing Inc

7/19/2002 7:25:38 PM

i just say lets not waste time on argueing about who stole this and that, let them upload and release them and if the origional outhor (he being the one who uploaded it first) says take it off then do it, and dont tell the person thet uploaded it thet it happened,
aint that right scare!!??!! cos thats what you did to 3 of my cars, uploaded them waited untill they where at the top of the d/l board then deleated them!
oh well
im making the Cyber Motorsports 2.2 Turbo Prelude!!!! one off body kit and completely scratch made by me!! so watch out!!!

7/20/2002 2:18:46 AM

antony aj.. why blame everything allways on me :(
First of all I didnt wait for anything and I didnt know those cars were stolen.. i didnt even know you stole any until some one complained.
So dont say it as if I waited till they were at the top and go he he he now iam gonna remove them becouse they are to good.


7/20/2002 8:03:24 AM

wow realy does it sound like im complaining?? sorry!
i mean thats what happened not thats what you did, sorry if i confused you, and what happened to the links i left??

7/20/2002 9:16:36 AM

what links ????
Ok now Iam really confused

7/20/2002 10:57:16 AM

the links above
i put them down wrong at first and then i posted the lines
oops (then the links as above but in bold)
but now they have disapeared!!

7/21/2002 9:47:16 AM

uhmm what the

7/22/2002 11:10:31 AM

im back from my quick vacations and what do i find? a great post by 2 administrators stating what ive been saying right from the beggining of the NFS community. stealing is wrong, its ugly and its pathetic, makes stealers look like fools or even clowns. i have my own opinion about stealers, those of you that have been arround long enough to read some of my posts, may know it. lets be franc on this: every one tunes cars, its so easy that everyone knows how to do it, shoot! even i tune some cars (not ridiculously over-tuned, of corse, i have a very good aesthetic sense). so, if everyone tunes cars, why do we pick on some of the tuners? this is a easy question to answer. tuning up cars is not the crime here, releasing those unauthorized cars IS! in my opinion, people tune someone elses cars and go: geez! im really great! look what ive done! im a god, im a beauty! ill go on and release this car that isnt mine and that i havent even bothered to conctact the original author and just get huge amounts of respect and social status. pathetic... child-like, isnt it? this only happens with people who are imature or psychologicaly weak, because those who are mature and have a solid ego dont need to be hailed as a king, and for those who are really great, respect of others comes as a natural thing, just look at Fivespeed, for instance. so, for those idiot enough to post unauthorized altered vehicles, all youll get with that fowl action is to get yourself in the blacklist of stealers. i see some people bringing up the copyrights issue and trying (shamefuly) to use them in favour of stealing! how despisable that action is! copyrights shouldnt even be mentioned here, all that should be necessary would be respect for someone elses work and ethics! some of you guys lack these features and thus are not worthy of respect! those selfish enough to think only on themselves are poor little souls for whom i feel pitty! im not an administrator, im not a cop, but ive made mine the task of shouting out loud my intolerance thorwards those who steal! ill keep on doing what is right, even if it harnesses miself some enemies! so i have written, so i shall do! respect? ethics? altruism? does any of you stealers knows what these words mean?

another big post from the PortuguesePilot... still ill carry on my mission.

7/23/2002 2:26:41 AM

pilot.. no one was trying to use the copywrite in favour of stealing, personally i was just pointing out that it doesnt apply to the situation.. so therefore it cannot be used as a valid argument against stealing.
I agree with you stealing is wrong, but it cannot be stopped.. It just cant be.
Seriously I think all that is needed is another nfs cars sight that doesnt give a rats shit about stealing and the whole community knows that stolen cars will be loaded there so people who create their own cars, or their cars using parts with permission can load on to quality sights like this one and the people who are stealing can go to another sight where they dont have to worry about it.
In my personal opinion I dont give a rats shit whether or not someone has stolen parts or a stolen base.. if a car looks good I will download it, I will use it and I will enjoy it if the car is good.

7/23/2002 11:34:13 AM

with positions such as yours, all that youll archive will be people tuning over and over the same old cars, because new cars wont come out any more (or at least not so often) because good modelers will stop releasing their cars, like Copperhead and CPD. i myself am not a good modeler (very far away from being a good one) yet i made my little from scratch cars, and though they look awful, i love them because theyre my creations. i would hate to see them stolen (though nobody would steel garbish, but just imagine they would) and tuned (i hate overtuning) and posted withou permiton or credit. and if i feel like this over a bunch of polygons with no textures, imagine what i would feel if i could model like the semi-gods out there (NFS Bolide, Fivepseed, CPD, JPRacing, etc...). thus, i understand the position of the good modelers, when you see your hard work mistreated with a 10-minute job hidious huge spoiler you resent and it kinda hurts... if stealling becomes standart procidure like you prophetize, this great creators will stop releasing their cars or endeed leave the NFS community. is that what you want? unfortunatly i have to agree with you when you say it cant be stoped. the NFS system does not allow (yet?) a 100% secure locking system and thus, malicious or ignorant kids will always steal someones work. yet, if we accept setaling and dont do nothing against it, things will become chaotic and will, ultimatly, collaps althogeter.
when you say: In my personal opinion I dont give a rats shit whether or not someone has stolen parts or a stolen base.. if a car looks good I will download it, I will use it and I will enjoy it if the car is good. i conclude that you never did a scrach based car, have you? you just dont understand... and thats the problem with most robbers, they just dont understand and are too selfish to care.

7/30/2002 5:22:38 PM

well fellows i am about to shed new light on this copyright thing i have been in contact with GMS legal dept Equity Management Inc. (EMI)
in particular mike swartz and this man tells me if someone makes a car mesh and puts gms name ie camaro,impala,monte carlo etc without the written permission from general motors and then try to copyright these they will be in big trouble because the name gm,camaro,impala,monte carlo,corvette etc are trademarked and copyrighted by gm already
hince you cannot copyright these no matter who made the mesh so if you guys want to sue somebody you might want to check your own back door first. even the people who use these could also be in trouble. so quit calling people thieves,because thats like the kettle callin the pot black. the only people that can legaly copyright there work are those like tritoch and others who do original work.

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