Need For Speed The Run "On The Edge" Trailer



10/6/2011 10:18 AM

As Jack leaves Colorado, he finds himself on the Million Dollar Highway. A vicious stretch of road with steep cliffs, hairpins, and nothing to stop him from careening over the edge. In Need For Speed The Run, a McLaren MP4-12C dicing it up with a Pagani Huayra on narrow roads is just a taste of what you can expect from the epic cross-country race. It will take all of your skill to manuever in and out of traffic while still trying to gain positions. From the second the race starts in San Francisco, over Independence Pass, through Desert Hills and the Million Dollar Highway, on to the streets and rooftops of Chicago, and into New York City, all of the heart-pounding, non-stop action in The Run will have you On The Edge of your seat.

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10/6/2011 10:30:45 AM

NOT TEH HUAYRA!!!!!?? jk jk,

10/6/2011 11:09:08 AM

Is this? The inspiration of Hot Pursuit? Wow that was cool trailer IMO. :) Loved the song in the video too. Anyone knows the name of it? I want it. :D

10/6/2011 11:12:39 AM


Why the Huayra? A fallin Veyron would be f***ing cooler.

10/6/2011 11:57:15 AM

what Alex said
btw nice trailer.

10/6/2011 12:30:51 PM

Why not. Maybe after long fall will looks better.

10/6/2011 12:47:57 PM

oooh... if this game has power-ups i`ll implode...

10/6/2011 12:48:09 PM

Song : Middle Class Rut - Alive or Dead


10/6/2011 2:33:37 PM

Thank you very much buddy. :)

10/6/2011 3:16:54 PM

check this game of the alive or dead
and enjoy

10/6/2011 5:37:01 PM

I like how a ford can keep up with 2 ralistic.

10/6/2011 6:35:22 PM

I still am not really impressed by this game, its like a recycled Hot Pursuit 2010, with a few additions for traffic cars, and a stupid story.

10/6/2011 7:20:12 PM

^yay I thought I was the only one.

10/7/2011 3:23:54 AM

Cut the fuss out over whichever car that gets destroyed. Seriously, it's just ONLY a trailer.

And for you all idiots who think this is recycled, these kind of open worlds wouldn't exist if there wasn't for HP2010.

10/7/2011 4:13:38 AM

^ 1+

10/7/2011 6:22:33 AM

Carbon was a recycled MostWanted with a different lightning and stupid story. Shift2 was a recycled Shift with a new name and stupid bugs. Burger King's Whooper is a recycled McDonald's burger only much bigger.

10/7/2011 1:10:12 PM

Frostbite 2 FTW

10/7/2011 5:17:06 PM

there was no damage on the huayra
but it was still cool

10/8/2011 4:35:39 AM

It looks like hot pursuit

10/9/2011 8:12:57 AM

And for you all idiots who think this is recycled, these kind of open worlds wouldn't exist if there wasn't for HP2010

So you're just restating what the "idiots" are saying. This wouldn't exist if it wasn't for HP2010? That's just the common sense that makes up the fact that it is a recycled HP2010.

10/10/2011 10:53:31 AM

I like HP2010 and I love it.
That this game is a "recycled" HP2010, no problem.
I'll like it and get the game.
These open world events is even more better.
So, in that case, I can't wait to play the full game.

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