Evolution Studios shut down

March 28th 2016

7755grO.jpgNow this may not concern Need for Speed itself but it sure does influence the car gaming
scene a lot and hence the article.

Evolution Studios has created a few big games like WRC and the MotorStorm. And its
recent game was DriveClub. At launch the game wasnt too good. It has server issues for
at least month but they fixed that. They added new content as frequently as possible. They
listened to the community. Yet Sony didnt see all this and decided to shut the studio down.
The decision was made after one of its “regular reviews” of the groups that make up SCE
Worldwide Studios: “As part of this process we have reviewed and assessed all current
projects and plans for the short and medium term and have decided to make some changes
to the European studios structure.” Following this 55 talented game makers lost their jobs
although Sony is trying to relocate them to other of its branches. Even though its really sad
to see a good racing game making studio just disintegrate into nothing.

Driveclub will live on but that just only means the servers will be maintained but new content
in the future is highly unlikely. Please post your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

Farewell Evolution Studios.

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