Exclusive Forza Games Coming to Windows 10

March 30th 2016

forza_6_windows_10_pc_microsoft.jpgThe all Xbox exclusive racing game series Forza was just confirmed to be available on PC
on the Windows 10 OS. This might not make sense since many people only had an Xbox
for Forza and now that is not needed. Either this is a really good new for PC gamers
and I personally cant wait for the new Forza which will come to PC as it will to Xbox.

Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director at Turn10 said :"Moving forward, all of our games are
going to be shipping on Windows 10 and Xbox,"

Please leave your thoughts down in the comments!

Article: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/news/all-upcoming-xbox-exclusive-forza-games-coming-to-windows-10-turn10-studios-at-build-2016-819886

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