Flamewars and offending posts...

January 24th 2002

Lately I noticed the large increase of offending posts and flamewars in the comments system of the site. This is a very bad thing. The amount of comments is too high to be checked all, so these things can easily get out of hand without us knowing about it.

If you find offensive or abusive comments, or people flaming eachother, please drop an email in my mailbox with the carname and model, the author and if possible the ID, so I can easily find it.

People enjoy making all kinds of cars, other people enjoy driving the cars. Theres an audience for every car on this site. If you dont like the car, dont download it. If you have useful comments (like: hey, it looks cool, but maybe you could have used a different frontbumper as this one is not very original anymore), feel free to post them, but keep in mind that many people will feel offended if you post something like this car ****s. It does not only offend the creator, it offends all hardworking car creators out there and it offends people who like those cars.

I have updated the rules of commenting, they should be clear now.

I hope I have made myself a bit clearer this way, but if this continues, I might as well trash the comments system like I had to do with the rating system, and I know you dont want that.

Greetings from a disappointed webmaster.

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