After a long time of absence the tools section (previously downloads) is back, and a lot better than before.

It has its own upload system, where you visitors can upload tools to. It works the same as the cars & pictures upload system, so it shouldnt be hard to work with.

At the moment there are not many tools available as you see, thats because the previous downloads were lost during one of the moves.

Please help me restore this section of the site as soon as possible, so NFSCars will be the best source for tools too! If it works out, I might add a tracks section as well!!!

NFS Streetdogs posted some new screenshots of NFS:Hot Pursuit 2, from both the PC and the PS2 version. There is also a movie of 4 players with 4 cars.

- PS2 screens
- PC screens
- Movies

Thanks El Barto Simpson (NFS Streetdogs webmaster) for reporting this.

The people over at our affiliate site ND4SPDWorld have received information from EA regarding the release dates of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (also known as NFS6)!

Update: the dates for all versions have been announced now:
05 September 2002 - Playstation 2
26 September 2002 - Xbox
24 October 2002 - PC CDROM
24 October 2002 - Nintendo Gamecube

It took us quite some time, but NFSCars is finally back on a new server! This server is twice as powerful as the old one and it should also be more reliable. It also has way more capacity.

Sorry for the inconvenience of the downtime, we hope everyone enjoyed the other NFS sites while NFSCars was down.

Offcourse, we hope this will be the last time NFSCars is down for a longer period.

Update: There were a number of errors after the site came back online. All errors I found have been fixed now, if you get an error somewhere, please let me know!

Games-Are-Forever is now offering Cheap Hosting threw one of its affiliate sites, details Below.

800Megs Of Space
60Gigs of Transfer
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Unlimited Email Accounts
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ASP Support
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Unlimited Subdomains/Domains

Cost: $27.99/Month - Order Now! <– Choose Brfreq Special From the list.

For more general information, go to

Although NFSCars has quite a lot of affiliates already, meaning that not many sites will get accepted, we do have a new affiliate today: DriftX

The reason why it is accepted, is that the site has an original subject: drifting. It covers drifting in NFS, but also lots of other games.

The site itself is not up yet, but their messageboard is, so go take a look at DriftX!!!

El Barto Simpson, webmaster of NFS Streetdogs (, notified me that there are 15 new screenshots on the official NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 website.

See them all by clicking here!

The amount of virus-emails I have been getting is getting way out of control. All of these mails come from NFSCars visitors, as they arrive at several addresses I use only on this site. On an average day I get about 30 - 35 mails containing mostly the virus 1.W32/Klez.h@MM, which is considered to be the most aggressive email virus ever!

The virus opens itself in your email client and if you dont have an up-to-date virusscanner, your PC will get infected without you knowing about it and it will send itself to a lot of people (if not all) in your address book.

I ask EVERYONE to do at least a system scan (a free virusscan can be done at, but I would prefer if everyone would use a good, up-to-date virusscanner on their PC with at least email scanning activated.

More information regarging w32.klez.h@mm.html can be found at Symantec, producer of Norton Antivirus, which is widely considered as one of the best antivirus programs.

Most antivirus programs will be good enough though, AS LONG AS THEY ARE UP-TO-DATE!

Dont think that this wont happen to you! It can happen to everyone, even unnoticed! Even a virus protection program is not perfect, so always watch out with email attachments!!!

Many of you noticed the problems NFSCars had the entire last week up until today. This was caused by a dublicate DNS record for (one right, one wrong), which caused it to sometimes point to the right place and sometimes to the wrong, causing 404 Page not found errors and the placeholder pages.

This has been solved now, within 24 hours everything should work perfectly again!

Sorry about the inconvenience, we (me and my host) could do nothing about it, the error was made by PHPWebhosting, the people who manage my domain ( and makes sure it all points to the right place.

Since the change of last weekend to the server weve had several problems with NFSCars. One of the problems was a non-working upload script, which was due to a weird setting on the server that didnt let himself change very easily.

Mike (my host) has found the solution and the script should be working now :)

So start uploading those cars again and get this site going again!!!

As for the problem with the subdomain sometimes pointing to a Plesk Server Admin page, this should be solved within a few days, else I am going to find out why its taking so long.



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