Another car stealer has been uploading cars - this time he was called Da MaStEr. His cars have been removed from the site!

A lot of people probably noticed that NFSCars has been down since Tuesday night. The reason was that RedHat Linux (the operating system on the server) practically died… Therefor, the serveradmins decided to install FreeBSD (a different, more capable operating system in this situation). The entire site had to be backed up for that, which took time. After that, FreeBSD had to be installed and configured, which also took time. When that was ready, NFSCars had to be re-uploaded again, which took over a day…

It was back up earlier today, but not everything worked well, but now everything seems to be ok and the site is running quite well.

This weekend will be the first heavy test for FreeBSD for us, so lets see if it manages to stay in one piece ;)

Sorry about any inconvenience we might have caused you!

Sander Prinsen
NFSCars Webmaster

Although everybody is waiting for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit to be released, EA decided to delay the game to September 2002!!! This is very bad news, it means we have to wait quite a few more months before we can take a look at game on the PS2. The reason for the delay unknown.

More bad news: there was a strong rumor lately that NFS:HP2 was also going to be released on PC, XBox and GameCube. Unfortunately, the rumor started at the Norwegian NFS website, which made an error about this. EA still denies that there will be a PC version, let alone an XBOx or GameCube version.

Both newsitems were reported at


Well people…
I have reopened my team and renamed it to VENOMS.. Its an online racing team.
Each weekend we race each other on a certain track and see whos the best driver ;)
But just way more real.
Also the team members get to use cars,parts etc. that others dont.

SO to join go to my website at
Sign up there.

ALSO if you allready a member please sign up again as i lost all the registrations.


This was still missing from NFSCars: a place to put tutorials, reviews and articles relating to NFS. So here it is :)

The first article posted is written by Razzle Dazzle - it explains how to make the size of the car.viv smaller and is quite useful for cardesigners.

Conscars1 was so friendly to send me a tutorial that he wrote. It explains how to edit/make cars for NFS3. Very useful stuff to read!

Have you written an article, tutorial or review related to any of the Need For Speed parts and you would like to see it posted here? Email it to and it will be reviewed and posted here if good enough!

AddictArts has been trying to crack the NFS5 file formats for a while, but unfortunately he didnt succeed 100%, as the they are much more complicated than the NFS3/4 file formats. He now put the (incomplete) descriptions online on his website at in the NFS5 Files area. If you know your way around cracking file formats or things like that, you are free to try! If it is cracked 100%, it would mean that people can start creating other cars than Porsches for the game!

Good luck :)

Important message
April 10th 2002

well i had a virus on my computer about 2 days ago.And it deleted quite a lot of my files.
So if you want to avoid that happining to you download a virus checker,dont open any attachments that come through emails unless you can trust that person.Dont open any exe files downloaded unless you checked it for viruses first.Thats about it.
You can get an evaluation version of a very good vius checker HERE
also I emailed someone a lot of parts a while ago.SThere were heaps of bumpers,side skirts etc included.If you are that person please send me those parts again as the virus deleted them.
Thank you!!!
Please read the post about donations


There is again a new affiliate: NFS Parts! This site is dedicated to car tuning, offering all kinds of car parts to use.

This site is also the first affiliate to get a subforum on the NFSCars messageboard! If your site is an affiliate and you are interested in a forum also, let me know! Just send me a private message through the messageboard to me and I can set it up!

All cars made by daniLEXUS & aLEXUS have been removed from NFSCars. They used stolen cars as a base for their own cars, without even giving credit to the original maker of the cars.

I cant say this enough: If you want to use someone elses car as a base for your own car, ASK PERMISSION TO THE AUTHOR!!!

As long as you have permission AND give credit to the original author, there should be no problem!

Thanks to the people who reported this to me!

New affiliates
April 7th 2002

NFSCars is proud to announce that it is the very first affiliate of RacerPlanet! Offcourse eveyone knows RacerPlanet, as it is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) networks within the NFS community, with hosted sites like NFSGarage, NFSCheats, ND4SPDWorld and NFSDesign.

Another new affiliate is Racing Central - hosted by the same RacerPlanet as mentioned above, this site has its own collection of cars, tracks and other useful stuff for the allround NFS fan :)

Important: make sure you have read the previous newspost regarding donations! Thank you :)



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