I decided to remove the cars with the File Not Found message, which leaves us with just over 1100 cars to choose from.

Keep uploading cars to keep the list growing though :)

The pictures section has been removed, as it was quite useless and wasnt working anymore anyway. If you want to see great car pictures, go to www.supercars.net :)

Also, the temporary board is open again, it seems to be working fine now, so it will stay open until the new board arrives.

The temporary vBulletin board that was running suddenly started producing MySQL errors, so I decided to close it.

The new board I have been working on for a while now (dont have much time to work on it actually) is coming along nicely - the topiclist, different board and new topic posting is working already. Reply handling will come next (is quite similar to new topic handling), as well as topicview offcourse, and some other useful features.

I hope to have it online within 2 weeks from now!



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