Yesterday at E3, a new trailer for Need for Speed 2015 was released, as well as gameplay footage after it. I must say it look really promising. Share your thoughts on this in the comments. The video's links are below the screenshots.


Trailer video:
Gameplay video:

The Race is Coming to an end.
By: rhiordd | 04-15-2015
After five years on the race track, Need for Speed World is about to run its last lap. The free-to-play PC action racer will be permanently shutting down its servers on July 14th 2015. Purchases of SpeedBoosts will be disabled as of today.

Read the rest of the story here .

The developers of World of Speed have put up the first round of more then 20 answers to questions the community has asked.

So many questions have been asked that they are splitting the responses up over multiple articles.

Below are a few of the questions and answers, you can read them all here

What game modes will be included in the beta testing and do you plan adding more in the future?
We plan to test both solo and team-based racing in during the Beta tests. We’re going to be looking to the community on these modes especially when it comes to the in-race objectives.

Will we get to keep any progress that we gained in this closed beta like cars and upgrades or will there be a reset for open beta or the full release of the game?
No, we will wipe all player data after each closed beta. However, you’ll keep all your progression from Open Beta after the game launches.

Does this mean an OPEN beta test is in the works???
Yes, there will be a series of Closed Beta Tests which will be followed by an Open Beta before World of Speed launches.

How many players get access to the beta?
The first World of Speed test will be relatively small in terms of the number of players that will be invited to participate. As we progress through further World of Speed tests we’ll invite more and more players to participate and provide us with feedback.

See the full list on the World of Speed blog

The February wallpapers for World of Speed have been put up over on the World of Speed site. The wallpapers feature the Mini Cooper S and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV on the streets of San Francisco.

It's time to give your desktop a new look with the World of Speed February Community Calendar wallpaper! This month we're featuring the Mini Cooper S and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV on the sunny streets of San Francisco. To download the wallpaper simply right-click on the desired resolution and select 'Save Link as'.

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To improve the overall user experience here at NFSCars we will be performing a lot of different tests around the site. What this means is will be testing different layouts, placement of elements and functionality, so don't be alarmed if you see something that looks drastically different.

NFSCars Team

The second route for Moscow has been revealed in World of Speed, The Red Square Loop

While this track may look fairly tame it's not. There are quite a few sections where you have the time and space to push your car up to or near top speed. There are also some tricky corners especially when you're approaching them at top speed!

In our opinion, there is no "right" performance set up for this track. Top speed, acceleration and handling are all equally important on the Red Square Loop so it really comes down to your driving style and your preferred car type.

How will you set up your car for the Red Square Loop?


Group shots of some supercars have been released over on the World of Speed site. They are looking very sweet.

We said before, socializing with other players will be a big part of World of Speed. The Airfield Playground isn't the only place where you can get some good group shots. Yes, you may need to stop mid-race but there are some great locations to get some group shots like the ones below:

You can see these and many more screenshots of World of Speed in the screenshots section.


While attempting to convert png images to jpg images for better image optimization we corrupted the images from November 14th to current. I have been able to restore most of them but any additional images are currently the same as the first image uploaded.

We will be deleting the duplicate images. if you want to upload the additional images again you can. Sorry for this inconvenience.


I was able to restore at least the first image for almost all the cars but I could not do the same for tracks or tools uploaded on or after November 2014. Once again sorry for this inconvenience.


Happy Holidays
December 25th 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone here at NFSCars.

Thank you and have great holidays with your friends and families!

Site Updates
November 25th 2014

As you maybe have noticed already I have made some changes to the home page. Most of the changes are visual and the site structure is pretty much the same but for what I have done you can read below. I will also be rolling these changes out to the other pages over the next few days.

1. New theme.

2. Moved the list of Need For Speed titles into a drop down since we have 18 of them.

3. Many design changes to improve usability.

3. Responsive design to handle mobile, tablets and desktops without any scaling issues.
- What this mean is for now you can view the home page and the site will resize according to your device resolution.

4. Increased font size and cleaned up typography.
- Bigger is always better, right?

As always if you notice something that is broken or have any comments, feel free to drop a message.



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