Most Wanted Gameplay Video 2

August 6th 2012

We're back with an all new video of Most Wanted.

'This time, we're showcasing three cars in the open world of Fairhaven City: the Corvette ZR1, the Koenigsegg Agera R and the Hummer H1 Alpha. These cars tell you a little about the diverse nature of our line-up for this year's Need for Speed.

Patriot Missile
The Corvette ZR1 is fast, fast, fast. A screaming, all-American answer to 80 years of European supercar supremacy. It's fast, light and agile thanks to a 638 horsepower V8 and stripped down chassis that features an all-carbon roof.

Undisputed Heavyweight Champion
The Hummer is the undisputed heavyweight champion of Fairhaven City. You won't escape the cops or outrun your friends and rivals in this 6.6-liter turbo-diesel monster, but you won't need to. It's the heaviest and toughest car in the game.

Top Gun
The Koenigsegg Agera R is built for speed. It'll hit 273mph on the straights. It'll get you to 200mph in an astonishing 17.68 seconds and stop you dead in 7.28. Cop on your tail? Hit the brakes, he'll fly right by.

Most Wanted isn't about pristine cars sitting untouched in a showroom. It's about getting your foot down, sliding the back end out and fighting your way past cops and rivals to the top of your Most Wanted list.

The action takes you on a grand tour of Fairhaven City, a massive, open world of heavily policed freeways, downtown grids, industrial zones, tunnels, storm drains and high-speed open roads.

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