Move & new design update...

March 11th 2002

The site seems to be running fine, and I managed to restore about 16000 of the 22000 car comments. The rest is lost…

I noticed some small bugs and missing files & screenshots, I will fix them as soon as possible.

Also, you will see popup ads on the site now. I hate them, and I know a lot of you hate them, but it is either GameSpy/FilePlanet or popup ads and I think you agree with me that the current option is the best of these 2.

I am working on the upload script, it will be working again some time tonight I hope. The 24 hour delay of cars appearing on the site is gone now, as soon as a car is approved by an admin, it will be on the site available for download!

Update on the new design:
- It is going to take a few weeks before that is ready.
- With the new design, a new messageboard will be used, namely the phpBB2 (same as used at NFSCheats).
- A lot of scripts will be looked at and updated where needed.
- The site will use the registration system of the messageboard and everyone will need to register for a new account.

Thats it for now.

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