Need For Speed: Undercover Storyline Information

August 15th 2008

077c4c5d-764d-40b1-aea7-b66f769e3095.jpgThe Need For Speed: Undercover storyline which will be using hollywood talent Maggie Q (star) and Joseph Hodges (writer / director)

Need for Speed Undercover will feature a Hollywood storyline which is a rich and cinematic experience featuring Hollywood style shooting and production techniques.

d914dc18-30e8-4910-b4b0-4d7c7d2cfe91.jpgPlayers will be an undercover cop taking jobs and competing in races to prove themselves as they infiltrate and takedown an international crime syndicate.

We also have a few screenshots as well which you can view by clicking on the link below.

Check back August 20th for more information about NFS: Undercover :)

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