NFS: Undercover Contest

July 21st 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, now that NFS: Undercover has been announced it's time to have a photoshop contest! Let's see who can design the best cover for the game. Feel free to use screenshots from any previous NFS title, pictures of real or imaginary cars, any fonts, original images and program you want! It's up to you, so have at it!

- The final image size is to be 500x750 pixels
- The final image is to be .JPG format.
- Contest ends August 20th, 2008.
- Only one final entry per person
- Entries should be submitted to me, Linkin, via PM. I will save all of the images until judging takes place.

The winning entry and author will be displayed in a news announcement on the front page!

Get your imaginations rolling, NFSCars!

For the Official Thread Please go to:

We have also opened the new Need For Speed: Undercover Forum.
Please feel free to browse and discuss EA's Newest Upcoming Need For Speed Installment.

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