NFS: Undercover Daily Car Updates

October 20th 2008

The Tri City Carlot will be updating the list daily (during the week) from here forth.
The List has already been placed for this week, starting with the '06 Lotus Elise.

The other five have horsepower, front or rear drive, prices, and top speeds, which can leave you some speculations in which the cars will be.

For example: The car delivered October 21st has the description of,

$212,000, RWD, 530HP, 505 lbs/tq, Top Speed: 204mph
This could be any higher end exotic, but you will find out exactly what it is tomorrow.

Keep checking the Tri City Carlot for the most recent updates, and as always, the NFSCars Carlist is always available for a quick peek and discussions.

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