NFS: Undercover Updates

September 15th 2008

A little news update.

Since there is a rumor out recently about the car list being out, I shall let everyone know. The list that is currently circulating IS indeed a fake. The most obvious way to tell is the Ferrari Enzo which was on the list.

However, I will tell you that EA will have two micro-sites up and running starting September 16th. One is called the “Tri-City Car Lot” and the other is called “The Tri-City Gazette”. The car lot site will unveil the car list on a weekly basis with 6 cars being rolled out each week. Please be patient with the first 2 weeks, as most of them will be cars you’ve already seen. But moving forward, the Car lot will be the first taste of all the cars in Undercover.

The Tri-City Gazette will be a fictional newspaper which will feature news stories based on the world of Undercover, and also give some insight into the game. It will also feature a lot of community news. So the more entertaining info we have, the more possibility it may appear on the Tri-City Gazette.

Update - Couple days late, but here are the official Links

Tri City Carlot
Tri City Gazette

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