NFS: World Online Beta II Update

March 18th 2010

More details on what the updated Beta will have.

New Features:
- Server will now give detailed error messages
- For example, if you enter your password incorrectly it will tell you that rather than showing the a “-747” error
- Game will now produce debug data when crashing that can be sent to dev team when you report bugs
- The crash dump will be a binary file named “NFSCrashDump_CL0_YYYY.MM.DD_HH.MM.SS.dmp” and can be found in the following directory ? \Electronic Arts\NFS World\data\
- If possible, please provide the cramp dump files when submitting a bug through
- Number of vinyls per car increased to 50
- Prices of vinyls and paint set to 0 (or 1 if not possible)
- Essentially, vinyls will be free to put on the car

Changes to the game:
- Matchmaking stability improved
- Matchmaking timeout increased to 30 seconds
- End of race reward re-balances
- Number of events (races) changed to 15
- Half of events are available from levels 1-5 the rest from levels 6-10

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed issue with entitling players ("Disconnected from the server. Game will be shut down." bug)
- Fixed a rare issue where a user could be alone in a multiplayer race
- Fixed the region names in the login application
- Improved Teleport to a friend
- Fixed the time out issue while in car customization. There should be no need to save intermediate results in customization

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