NFS: World Online Beta III Release Notes

April 7th 2010

- Fixed the server issue that was preventing post race rewards and results from showing up. Players will now receive cash and rep at the end of races
- Login issues due to Launcher/Patcher not retrieving configuration & server login flow throwing exceptions. This fix has addressed the log in errors that occurred during beta one & two.
- Fix barriers that allow players to drive outside of world
- 350z tweak to prevent rigid body from colliding with the ground.
- Prevent users from getting disconnected after 20 minutes in free roam
- Fix detection of Adobe Flash

Major Issues
- Crash rarely occurs when the Lobby timer reaches. Chance of occurring: 3/40 (7.5%)
- Occasionally player connections fail in Lobby. Chance of occurring: 2/40 Lobbies (5%)
- Some players stay in Lobby at 0:00 timer creating a Timeout with opponents. Chance of occurring: 1/40 Lobbies (2.5%)

Minor Issue
- Extra zone barrier in Palmont that the player can drive around (Correct barrier is also in place)

If you experience a bug / glitch that isn't on this list then please report them by selecting 'Report a Bug' at Please note that you need to be logged into to the site in order to report a bug. You can also share your bug with the community on the Need for Speed World forums, specifically in the Bug Report forum.

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