NFS: World Online Beta III This Wednesday.

April 5th 2010

As you have guessed, there wasn't a beta over the last two weekends, which is likely due to the amount of fixes which were implemented from the previous Beta II.

Registration is closed for BetaIII put your name in for a chance to participate in BetaIV.

For those who want a chance into BetaIII you must PM me today.
If you have not yet participated in a Beta, or already sent me your email, private message me your EMAIL address if you wish to participate. The email address MUST be the one you use at EAsites, and any message that is missing your email address will be ignored.

Seeing as such, the third beta will begin on Wednesday, April 7th @ 4pm (GMT) and will end Wednesday, April 14th @ 7:59am (GMT). It will feature almost double the number of participants that we had in beta two and we're happy to say that if you were invited into either Beta one or Beta two, you will be invited to participate in the third beta. So keep checking your inbox for the invitation email; you should receive it sometime tomorrow (April 6th).

For this beta the team has addressed many of the stability bugs, both within the game and on the servers, that were occurring in beta one & two. The bugs that have been resolved include; the log in bugs that prevented some people from being able to log in and play World, the end of race results not being reported correctly bug and the bug where players were not getting any rep / cash at the end of races. Furthermore, we've made minor changes to the game including raising the number of vinyl layers a player can put on their car in visual customization.

Remember that this is a beta and we have intentionally constrained NFS World in terms of features, level progression and content. We are testing and so we need to keep the variables under control to ensure quality data. As the beta program progresses you’ll see more content, ways to play and places to see. Also note that between betas we do clear all the data on the servers (including profiles & game play data) therefore you will have to create a new driver and start the game at level one like you did in Beta 2.

The goal of this third beta is to test fundamental functionality both within the game and on the servers.

Therefore, at certain points during the beta we will ask that all players participate in certain races or all engage in a police pursuit at the same time.

When we need specific tests run we will communicate with the players through the in-game chat, on the NFS World forums and through the Need for Speed Facebook page.

Over the next couple days we will be posting the Release Notes for this beta as well as the List of Known Bugs that you may experience during the beta. Keep your eye on for these posts.

If you're looking for opponents to race with in multiplayer races during the beta then definitely take a few seconds to bookmark the NFS World PVP Events site. The site will show you what races people are queuing up to play in the game. So if you want to get in a bunch of full eight player races than check the NFS World PVP Events site regularly.

Source: Need for

I would also recommend reading NFS: All the World's a Stage as Eduardo Agostini talks about some other features which may be available after the Final Launch.


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