NFS: World Online Preliminary Test (pre-Beta IV)

April 27th 2010

There will be a preliminary test of the next Need for Speed World client beginning this Friday, April 30th and ending Sunday May 2nd.

We have asked a small number of our most active players through Beta One, Two and Three to help us test our next game client, which will be released to a wider audience for the next Beta. The purpose of this test is to ensure that our next Beta experience is as smooth and stable as possible for our players, due to the number of new features we will be adding to the game. Some of the new release features include new power ups, new cars, improved police encounters, visual updates to the world, and performance / stability optimization. The most important addition will be the ability to purchase power ups using the Need for Speed World in-game currency called SpeedBoost. The Release Notes and Known Issues List detailing all the updates in this new release will be published before the client test begins.

Once this preliminary test has been completed and we collect our test data / fix the critical bugs we’ll begin our preparation for rolling out the next Beta. For the next beta we’ll be re-inviting all the participants from all previous Betas, as well as inviting a lot more of you who haven’t yet had a chance to participate in the beta. We sincerely appreciate your patience.

To the player’s that will be invited to this preliminary test; please be aware that you will be required to remove / uninstall previous versions of Need for Speed World from your PC. Once uninstalled, please download the new setup.exe from and re-install.

To the beta participants that were not included in the preliminary test; again, the purpose of this weekend is to test the new release of NFS World before we roll it out for you in the next Beta. Therefore, many of you will notice that your beta status on the NFS World site has returned to ‘Beta Status: Pending’. As stated above, we are only inviting the most active players from the previous betas. At the moment, everyone’s beta status has been returned to ‘Pending’. We will be sending out email notifications sometime in the next two days, at which point, those who have received the email will be able to download the next release of NFS World.

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