NFSU360 Releasing Carbon ModTools May 12, 2010.

May 10th 2010

Nfsu360 and I have been discussing,and he has expressed to me that he will be releasing his new Modtool package for Carbon on May 12, 2010. The Modtool package will include the application as a Bugatti Veyron Installer. This tool will install the mod & create backup files automatically. The Bugatti car is fully compatible with NFS:Carbon, with the following supported items.
Customization: hoods, roof scoops, spoilers, rims.
All Autosculpt features are available.
Rims, front bumpers, rear bumpers, skirts, hoods, roof scoops, spoilers, exhaust tips.


Other details within the package.
This package include:
NFS:Carbon Geometry Compiler - tool that compiles geometry.bin file from .z3d and .obj files.
NFS:Carbon/ProStreet Texture Compiler - create textures.bin from .dds files.
NFS-CfgEd for NFS:Carbon - export .carbon files that contain car's configuration.
NFS: Carbon Car Setup - this tool is created to make installation very easy. Automatically create backup files for uninstall process. Users can add this program to their own packages.

Other big news, nfsu360 has also cracked the Undercover geometry, introducing a tank as the first fully textured custom vehicle.


Be sure to visit his website at for all your Modtool downloading needs, as well as any recent updates he provides.

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