April 1st 2002

Ok I see we have lots of complaints about executor with his complaints about suped up cars.And also about stolen parts or parts tooken without permission.

Please people be very reasonable with your comments and dont just complaint about a car becouse its tuned.
Try commenting like this: Hey thats a nice civic you got there.I like the main idea but i think you overdid it a bit.Maybe a smaller spoiler or something…

and not like this:oh no you ruined this beutifull car what have you done ..
or:this car sucks man look at it…

Lets try to be mature and not comment if you know what you are going to say is going to upset someone…

About the stolen parts…
Well I know there is lots of cars coming out now with stolen parts.. or maybe even the whole car is stolen.

Please people try to sort this problem out under yourselfs. dont fight just sort it out.. if your car,part was stolen get the creator to email an admin and tell him to get that person added to the credits in the description.
If you are the creator and you do not want that car on this site,Email an admin with a bit of proof and they will have it removed in no time.

I will see if i can sort something out with sander.
If you read this sander please reply to that email i sent you and i need to ask you something else aswell.


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