The Crew 2 Announced

May 16th 2017

170516_TC2_Web_zpssfzfdnky.jpgThis is an NFS site as the name of it quite tells us. But I think we can all agree that we`re here because of our love for cars and the games around it. Let that be NFS, DriveClub or Gran Turismo. We just generally love car games. And so did we also love The Crew when it was first announced. With its MASSIVE open world free roam map and range of cars and the crazy customisation that we were able to do. Drive them offroad or use them on the circuit. You are able to do whatever you fancy in the game. And over the 2 years it has been running it has seen a major overhaul, great expansions, and overall a developer team, Ivory Tower that listened to the community.

Not long ago they announced in their monthly update that they will not be doing an update to the game for a couple of months as they are working on something else. Now one would presume another expansion ("cough Mexico cough") or something around those lines. But a few hours ago they dropped a HUGE announcement on their forums. Its only a picture with a title of "The best is yet to come!". But it sure says a lot. Crew 2 is coming guys! Not so sure what to expect in the game apart from what was already in The Crew. A huge massive open world with all the car calsses which are in the game already. There is literally no news yet. We have to wait but sure sounds exciting.

What an amazing year this 2017 is turning out to be for us car guys. Last year was a bit dry but I think the hype about NFS 2017, the new Gran Turismo, DiRT4 and other titles and now The Crew 2 is added to the list a bit unexpected sure makes this year look exciting. I myself cant wait. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

You can check the offical forum post and thread HERE Ivory Tower.

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