Vancouverians invited to EA studios

March 25th 2010


Are you a fan of Need for Speed? Do you live in the Vancouver, BC area? Have you participated in the Need for Speed World beta?

If you do live in the Vancouver, BC area (or around there and feel like driving in) and have participated in the Need for Speed World beta then you need to get in touch with NFSDrew.

We're looking to invite five to ten people from the Vancouver area to the Electronic Arts Canada studio (where NFS World is developed). While you're here we'll give you a tour of the studio and introduce you to the NFS World team but the main purpose is to get feedback from you guys about NFS World and talk to you guys about MMO's in general.

So if you do live in or near Vancouver and have participated in the NFS World beta then get in touch with NFSDrew ( via email.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!


If you live in Vancouver, I would recommend at least attempting a chance to go to the Studios, it is amazing what you can see.

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