Wii'd For Speed : Undercover 'Exclusive' Wii'L.

September 2nd 2008

Well not entirely exclusive, however, at the time of launch undercover will be the ONLY game available for use with the new Wii'L.


What you’re looking at is the Logitech Speed Force Wireless Racing Wheel, available this November for the relatively low sum of $100. But what’s striking about this wheel is not its shape (which it shares with a sister PS3 wheel), not its price (ditto), and not its wireless functionality (you’re “wireless, but not cordless,” said a Logitech representative who affirmed that players would still need to plug in an AC adapter). What’s striking about the Logitech Speed Force Wireless is that it was designed for the Nintendo Wii; and moreover for a single, specific game which has neither the words Mario nor Kart in the title. Though Logitech’s product page may be exaggerating when it calls the wheel “exclusive,” the fact remains that when the $100 lap-mounted, paddle-shifter reliant peripheral launches this November, the only game it will support is Need for Speed: Undercover.

Full Article Here.
Thanks to Sean Hollister in the #nfs IRC chat for forwarding the link.

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