World Online Showroom Open, and NFSNation hosts a Map

March 14th 2010

Yes, For those who had access to the Beta of NFS World Online, the showroom is up and available for you to upload all your favorite screen shots from the game.

NFSNation has created a map with clickable points for use with World Online. Given that the city is quite large, and you may not always be able to see your friends on the map, it was designed to give active points on the map which you can share with your friends, giving an exact location to where you may want to meet. (via any messenger, chat, or irc program)
It could be very useful when you are playing with friends who do not know the city maps well enough. For best results, playing World Online in windowed mode helps.

For example, On the last day of Beta 1, there was a gathering of many of the players for some group shots.
They wanted to go to the stadium.,231
Shows you where the stadium is, and if you use it in reference to where you are, you can easily find a quick route.

As it goes, Beta II dates have still yet to be announced.

Maybe, if there are future updates of the map, NFSNation will add more features for use. For now, no.

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