Youtube Video : Leaked Undercover Trailer?

July 26th 2008

So This morning I get an email from Bojan the Webmaster at with a link to a Youtube video, when I first watched it, it looked like a high budget motion picture with some decent cars, action, etc.

At the end of the trailer you can see the url, which is a website showing a video feed from an interrogation room. There are some clickable items in the room which show additional videos and some which will be available on 30. July 2008. The "release" date is set to November 18th.
According to - Undercover is released on November 17th.

Share with us what you find on this website, there seem to be some hidden codes which could mean something.

The site itself is connected to EA, but whether or not it is actually related to Need for Speed Undercover, we'll soon find out.

Update: there seems to be Christina Milian in the video - a while ago it has been said that she will appear in the next NFS game.

There is some hidden Clickable content on the Security Feed., I will hint out four.
Calender, which shows the 'Drop Date' on Tuesday November 18th
the lightswitch provides a HIGH Quality Trailer Video.
the Video Camera on the Left Wall, has a Video Clip associated with it.
the Vase on the Left side Will bring you to another Video Clip of Two people listening in.

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