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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010
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6/23/2011 5:38 PM
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The unlocker will unlock these DLC cars:

Exclusive access to racers:
• Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S
• Aston Martin DBS
• Audi R8 Coupé 5.2 FSI quattro
• Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition
• Lamborghini Reventón
• Bugatti Veyron 16.4
• Chevrolet Corvette Z06
• Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
• Ford Shelby GT500
• Porsche Cayman S
• Dodge Viper SRT10
• Nissan 370Z Coupe
• Porsche Panamera Turbo
• Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni

Exclusive access to cops:
• Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni

Early access to:
• Audi TT RS Coupé
• Chevrolet Camaro SS
• Porsche Cayman S (SCPD)
• Dodge Challenger SRT8 (SCPD)

NOTE: This will ERASE your current savegame and you're unable to play online or to use photo mode, so if you like to play online and to use photo mode, then DON'T use this unlocker.


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1287855506-DLC-Cars-Rebers-Unlocker.rar 233.46 KB Chicago, IL Download


6/24/2011 3:12:31 AM

Damn it
I thought this will unlock the supersport pack

6/24/2011 3:30:39 AM

what is the password for the dlc ? please .

6/24/2011 3:40:12 AM

what is the password?

6/24/2011 7:51:56 AM

why you don t give the password.

6/24/2011 8:41:25 AM

the password is www.2baksa.net.after unrar have two folder one is links and another is Need.for.Speed.Hot.Pursuit.EA.Crew.Edition.v1.0.2.0.unlocker.READ.NFO-THETA.I open the second folder and inside have- NFOviewer and one file t-hpeau1 unrar the second one after unrar you must to have this file NFSHP_EA_unlocker now this file must to put in your game instalation.This will ERASE your current savegame I make copy of my save game before to instal this.I hope I help again This will ERASE the save game.but after this is open the cars but not All cars.

6/24/2011 2:28:37 PM

thx . works great but you need to move from the beginning of his career.

6/24/2011 2:29:21 PM

can unlock the supersport pack :)

6/24/2011 4:26:57 PM

nice but... this file is not ilegal? naaah, just is EA

6/25/2011 12:34:21 AM

Thanks for this file

6/25/2011 9:18:04 AM

i cant unrar it !!

please help

6/26/2011 5:37:28 PM

the password is www.2baksa.net

6/27/2011 7:55:39 AM

i know but the file is damage... wtf ??

i use win rar...

6/27/2011 2:46:43 PM


could anyone maka a offline camera mod ??

6/30/2011 11:17:20 AM

hehehe i forgot about that the password is www.2baksa.net

7/2/2011 4:24:37 AM

heyyyy Bro this is not working man. when i will run the unlocker .exe this is tell the msg thatis "This is not valod version". But i was installed the patch ........What i do tell me plz hurry I want to drive the slr in racer mod........

7/3/2011 12:34:57 AM

heyyyyyyy anyone can listen me plz tell me how i install the patch becoz whenever i install that patch it will make only one nfs.exe file version but it file ask for the activation of product.

7/4/2011 3:23:27 PM

alrigh dude calm down look i have parched in 1.5 and it runs perfect with all the cars

7/4/2011 11:54:55 PM

Actuly problem is that when i run the EA unlocker it said that "it is the not valid version"
and my v1.0.3.0 nfs11.exe ask for the activation of the product . that's why if u anyone have the nfs11.exe v1.0.2.0 the upload it is in here........plz

7/5/2011 1:29:54 PM

mmmm dude i cant help you with this sorry

7/6/2011 3:08:40 AM

hey bro u only upload ur nfs11.exe which is version is or v1.0.5.0 Plz .......don't say sorry bro..........

7/7/2011 9:07:04 AM

zaba094 are you sure it unlocks super sports cars? i didn't get it.

7/7/2011 7:46:12 PM

when is the unlocker for the Super Sports pack coming?

7/8/2011 12:28:10 AM

heyyyyy anyone can upload his nfs11.exe which version is or any greater version of that nfs11.exe..............plz...........anyone help me

7/8/2011 5:13:16 PM

NO it dont unlock the super sport pack only the rebels

7/13/2011 3:08:30 AM

Can you make Lamborghini and Porsche DLC for PC please ? especially cop versions.

7/15/2011 6:26:59 PM

^ that would be very hard you know

7/17/2011 4:05:26 AM

uh oh

7/20/2011 7:19:48 AM


7/23/2011 7:22:10 PM

GRZEHO i dont have any console so i cant do it

7/28/2011 1:03:58 PM


Just downlaod the nfs hp activator using a bittorrent. Hope I can help.=)

11/8/2011 8:37:47 AM

Hey dudes the unlocker said that the version of the game is invalid because i have crack v. can someone help me

11/8/2011 10:25:02 PM

when i use this mode my profile is reset but no any new car r available

pls provide me tut for this

or tell what to do after copy dat file (open or leave it) or open by default icon from desktop

pls i need this

11/9/2011 7:42:44 AM


When I get this game on PC, I'll get that first.

The only things left that yet to come in PC are:

-Dr. Pepper Offer
-Porsche Unleashed
-Lamborghini Rampage

I wonder if there's a possibility, if gather ALL the DLC from XBOX360 or PS3 and edit the files to be playable on PC?

11/9/2011 7:43:16 AM

Almost forgot:

-SuperSport Pack

I'll be waiting, modders. :P

12/10/2011 6:26:31 PM

TunerMaster MMMM 1 problem , i dunno have the dlc on my ps3 so im sorry mate

12/10/2011 6:27:42 PM

WOW 3254 wiews and aprroved by dark ritual APRICCIADED PARNTERS

2/19/2012 11:08:18 AM

What do you mean by the game installation? I have done everything you said and have the unlocker file but where do I exactly put as I don't know what you mean by 'game installation'

3/16/2012 5:50:38 PM

OK, i cant do all the pack because it has some problems trying to pass the files from ps3 to pc so sorry

sudath shantha
5/15/2012 6:15:45 AM

can anyone give us supersport pack?or that new 3 packages?pls

sudath shantha
5/15/2012 6:17:10 AM

i need that lamborghini package

7/6/2012 1:11:34 PM

Can anyone give the supersport pack or tell where I can download it,please.

Juan Manuel Muñoz
1/2/2013 10:20:26 PM

Fucking DLC

10/23/2013 3:12:11 PM

will this work with v1010 ?

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