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1/21/2010 4:58 PM
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Using BinTex and these instructions, you can replace any vinyl in NFSMW with any vinyl in NFSMW.

How to get the Cross vinyl for any car (accept for traffic and other police cars) using BinTex. Let's do the BMW M3 GTR. You might need a certain mod for this, I'm not sure. Just try it.
1.When file above has been downloaded, extract files.
2.Open BinTex. Load VINYLS.bin in NFSMW Directory; CARS; COPSPORT (Ctrl-O or inside File button above). It will list the vinyls for the car.
3.You should see COPSPORT_CROSS and COPSPORT_CROSS_MASK. Export them onto the desktop using the Textures button.
4.Now load VINYLS.bin in NFSMW Directory; CARS; BMWM3GTRE46. Say you're replacing Contest Winners #1 with the Cross vinyl. Find BMWM3GTRE46_CONTEST01 (#120) and BMWM3GTRE46_CONTEST01_MASK (#169). Replace BMWM3GTRE46_CONTEST01 with COPSPORT_CROSS on the desktop using the Import button inside the Textures button.
5.Now replace BMWM3GTRE46_CONTEST01_MASK with COPSPORT_CROSS_MASK the same way.
6.SAVE IT!!!
7.Now run the game and select Contest Winners #1 with the BMW (paint it white first).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You may need to do this a few times for it to be correct.


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1/21/2010 9:48:44 PM

After you done that you must click file and then click save or it will not works ;)

1/22/2010 12:09:15 AM

thanks for this

1/22/2010 2:12:36 AM

dude your awesome! i wrote that coment yesterdays,where i asked you about the i have the answear....can u give me skype or something else? i wanna be in touch with a cool person like ya :) Thanks !

1/22/2010 7:45:59 AM

I'm a fast replier.

1/22/2010 10:50:10 AM

How can y get this bintex tool cuz this keeps give me an error :(

1/22/2010 2:23:06 PM

BinTex should work fine, I don't know what the problem is.

1/22/2010 7:03:11 PM

Ok... so... from... where can y get bintex ????

1/22/2010 7:51:43 PM

It's right there. Download it.

1/23/2010 3:13:12 AM

This one gives me ( Run-time error '336') a component is missing :(

1/23/2010 9:26:16 AM

Try this:

1/23/2010 10:25:49 AM

Thnx man 4 the help but still no luck
The same error I'l keep tring
Again thnx 1 milion :-)

1/25/2010 2:28:10 PM

AVG and Norton Antivirus will block it?

1/25/2010 4:24:26 PM

I don't know. It's not a virus.

2/1/2010 8:58:58 PM

nfstex is liek teh best EVAR!!!!!!!!

LOL I'm trolling. :(

2/2/2010 7:47:50 AM

I know, but I can't get it right now.

2/17/2010 9:34:54 PM

BinTex is glitchy. I tried to import the BMW vinyl and it said error.

NFSTexed doesn't work. I hate my life!

4/5/2010 7:20:46 AM

mine says run error time 393 or something?????

racer mw
5/5/2010 8:50:26 PM

mine works perfectly! thnx man!

7/6/2010 9:09:03 AM

this dont work! i hate you bintex!

now i got to find a MWTex

10/12/2010 10:53:02 AM

Awesome job :) Works perfectly!

10/14/2010 1:18:38 PM

i can do this one but can someone tell me how to do it with downloaded vinyls i cant do it :'(

12/22/2010 12:22:23 AM

the bintex is included in the tools of need for speed underground named "20 Hidden Vinyls"

12/30/2010 11:58:26 AM

i have a problem with the bintex when i try to open the bintex the program show me error: ''The program can't start because dx8vb.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem''.Please help how to fix.

12/30/2010 12:58:25 PM

oopss excuse me it says run time error 429 ActiveX component can't create object pls help

12/30/2010 6:16:47 PM

I recommend NFSTexEd

12/31/2010 9:04:52 AM

yeah i know but when i try to import the vinyl is with wrong colors and can't fix red or blue

1/2/2011 3:42:22 AM

hey i cannot find the file COPSPORT_CROSS and COPSPORT_CROSS_MASK... I'm new in nfscars forum hi!!

6/24/2011 11:45:17 AM

bintex just doesn't work for me...

12/3/2011 9:52:25 AM

WHAT IF A FILE IS IN dds format ????

Wesley 73
11/5/2012 8:16:54 AM

does this have a virus?

4/27/2013 5:56:25 AM

@jart Open Bintex and choose the texture with the wrong colour and go to tools/fix palette.

@CopPursuit import it

@Wesley 73 It doesn't

4/29/2013 9:03:37 AM

How to i get the dx8vb.dll

6/14/2013 7:56:10 AM

error problem ''dx8vd.dll not found on your computer''

contact me on:

2/20/2014 2:38:45 AM

download it from here and paste in directory where u have install bintex

muhammad anas
9/20/2014 4:34:51 AM

why doesn't it add files???? mine doesn't do that in any case..... i wanna add the 2f2f vinyl on evo VIII but it says"not wnough mipmap levels in texture" i downloaded several of the types but same result... help

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