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  • Author: RCKLSS
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  • Game: Need For Speed: Most Wanted NFS: Most Wanted
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  • Added: 11/15/2010 10:32 PM
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  • Uploaded By: RCKLSS
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It's contains 2 profiles.They both are different.The first contains only the 15 car rivals,and one of the first car I drove.It still in default state without any performance upgrades.I never played dirty.I only used the car to beat Sonny Heung,and I should get his car.And so on.So I only used my car to a pink slip from the blacklist without spending cash at all.The second is the same profile,only I add Mia's Car,Rog,and Razor (must be with vinyl.bin Razor)

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1 11/22/2010 4:18:14 PM


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2 11/30/2010 2:10:34 AM

The same:

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3 12/7/2010 10:58:19 AM


What's wrong with posting saves? is it illegal in any way? Is it against the rules? Will we get banned for it?

As far as I know, no.


End of discussion.

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4 12/16/2010 2:35:44 AM

wie kann man nur so viel geld haben???

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5 12/16/2010 4:17:14 AM

@RazorCallahan67: no, but there are aleready too many saves on the site, so we (normal user, like me, and admins) ask users to dont post the same saves unless is something completly diferent

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6 1/21/2011 11:56:59 PM
Smasher Hendre

This kind of save game's what i want. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All blacklist cars with no modifications!

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7 2/8/2011 4:17:30 AM

is the first car is300,punto,cobalt supercharged or gti

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8 2/8/2011 5:19:24 AM


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9 4/1/2011 2:27:36 AM
Smasher Hendre

This is your best save game!
There are only three good save games on this website:
Rank#1: http://www.nfscars.net/file/view/mostwanted/12519.aspx
Rank #2:http://www.nfscars.net/file/view/mostwanted/6456.aspx
Rank last: All those boring save games having different and ugly cars and modifications.
If you want some of these try links such as:http://www.nfscars.net/file/view/mostwanted/13070.aspx
Or: http://www.nfscars.net/file/view/mostwanted/13048.aspx

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10 5/3/2011 7:36:06 AM

Why did you put a WBK on your starter car

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11 11/10/2011 6:19:16 PM

The Cobalt ss,are a personal tuning of you or you are see in a video or wallpaper?

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12 12/4/2011 10:01:09 AM

Come on,,respect players effort.I mean,I just play it rival by rival without cheatin or tunin any car.I just picked my first free Cobalt,as u seen,it 100% stock.then I won every pink slip from all rival (not always in first try) and i used the advance car (without tuning it) to defeat other rivals.Can u feel how satisfying finish this game without any cheating?Thanks for the respecters.

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13 12/4/2011 10:10:27 AM

@j_skyline,what WBK standing for?
@NFSMW_HERO,no.As I remember,it went stock.All cars.I let it stock,so u guys can modify them as much as u like.Or not at all if it's me.
@mostwantedms,I got a lot of cash because I always try to get cash/junk engine as reward,and never spent it to upgrade.Except for body and paint of my Cobalt.
Smasher Hendre & RazorCallahan67,Thanks all.

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