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Blacklist vinyl packReport

  • Author: NFSHazelnut
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  • Game: Need For Speed: Most Wanted NFS: Most Wanted
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  • File Size: 355.07 KB
  • Added: 2/12/2011 8:04 AM
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  • Views: 42163 (182 this week)
  • Uploaded By: NFSHazelnut
  • Approved By: NAMETYR

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It includes all the finyls from the blacklist members including Cross', Mia's and one extra BMW vinyl. I also added the vinyl for Corvette C6 from the Attract Movie.

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1 2/12/2011 11:32:25 AM

The last pic, is a hidden M3 vinyl, anyway nice work man :D

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2 2/12/2011 12:30:58 PM

This seems different than all the other crap for MW. Nice job dude.

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3 2/12/2011 7:47:08 PM

hey you can send transfomator de jpg a dds a y sorry for my bad english i am venezuelan

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4 2/13/2011 6:12:58 PM

Please teach me how to install these vinyls...

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5 2/14/2011 12:53:42 AM

Yes if you have a link or could tell us how to install these vinyls that would be much appreciated :)

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6 2/14/2011 7:49:23 AM

download bintex

Link: http://www.nfscars.net/file/view/mostwanted/10525.aspx

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7 3/11/2011 5:06:51 PM

how do i install thisss , i download the mwtex ,but it have malware , and i have bintext how do i do this

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8 3/14/2011 10:13:30 AM

Please tell me how to install these CUZ I DON`T KNOW!!! :D

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9 4/11/2011 8:05:46 AM

the vinyls' colors are somehow inverted

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10 4/20/2011 1:11:05 PM

Here it's explaned how to use bintex

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11 6/29/2011 12:00:35 PM

i usted NFS-teXed or how it is called,
but i don't understand WHY it doesnt work
i replaced the contest 1 and contest 1 MASK with the skins i just downloaded.
but it still gives the old skin when i start up
tried it a time or 5.
but still... it won't do anything

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12 7/29/2011 8:47:58 AM

How to install this package,and how to use it in a game,is that really work.:d

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13 7/29/2011 9:01:23 AM

use bintex or nfs-texed

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14 7/29/2011 9:01:25 AM

use bintex or nfs-texed

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15 11/30/2011 7:51:32 PM

is it bin?

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16 12/3/2011 9:50:42 AM


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17 7/5/2012 7:18:43 PM


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18 11/5/2012 8:17:46 AM
Wesley 73

does this have a virus?

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19 7/16/2014 6:04:25 AM
Dominic TurBo

Hey guys i am new but i have the thing you all wanted.
here is my save game with it all.I hope i gave you all some thing to be grateful and happy. I will upload all the things you would have need in the easiest of words and the most simple way to do.I am a Muslim brother and i would be glade to help you all.

It has the intro Chevrolet Corvette c6.r car, carbons cross vinyl, most wanted cross vinyl,BMW printable vinyl,50 car lot cars with specials and also police vehicles which you can buy in your carrier,there are also tmp cars which runs around the street, some of my cars in My cars and all the 15 blacklist vinyls in side the game you don't need to download it just put them on customize it play with it. Read the instructions and follow it after downloading the file and all those are yours.

Here is the link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/m7m5kqfmnet9bu9/SPECIAL.rar
There will be another coming.

And yes just copy the files and past them run the game play. I meant that easy !!!

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20 7/21/2014 2:55:07 AM

I need a tutorial of installing a vinyl in nfsmw

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