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6/3/2007 2:47 PM
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Maximal speed more than 500 km/h. It replaces Corvette C6R so you can compare BMW DTM and BMW GTR.
Note: Automobile mark BMW never takes a part in championship DTM.


File Name File Size Server 10.61 MB Chicago, IL Download


6/5/2007 11:18:08 PM

nice car 500km i wounder what that is in mph can sumone tell me and to beat razor u need a trainer now u dont lol BMW M3 GTR VS BMW DTM and can i have permission to put an interoir in it

6/6/2007 12:14:41 AM

What the heck 10.61 MB!?!?

6/6/2007 1:32:56 AM

Hmmm this car has been pushed to the logical limit in all ways possible...

kinda ricey if u ask me due to spoiler, and i don't like to go as fast as an F22

Modeling and detail - nice, i like the modeling a lot
design and creativity - get me a refund quote

6/6/2007 3:42:47 AM

Dude, 500km/h and 10.61MB? Man your crazy.

6/6/2007 11:37:58 AM

The M3 was a perfect car (when it was stock), but for some reason it now has a staircase on the bumper and a couple of deep fat friers sticking out the sides!

It's what you'd expect chavs to do to their Vauxhall Corsas, not quality Germainic engineering.

6/6/2007 3:13:04 PM

well i think having those deep fat friers on the car has 2 benefits: 1: looks nice (i didnt say rice, u think so, ur prblem!), 2: we can also have some fries after the races!

I love it man. about the speed, if u wanna make it go THAT fast, u better make a drag racing car, like the Top Fuels, (click on the word), other wise, ppl r gonna be freaked out.if u put a kind of engine with that power to reach such high speeds, and at the same time u have normal Z type sports tires, u cant even move, cuz ur car will burn out till its engine explodes. does it make sense? i hope u got it.

i actually got a better idea. why dont u make it as a new body kit for the M3? cuz i kinda like the new body kit, a little busy designed, but cool.

Rally Master
6/6/2007 10:54:25 PM


6/7/2007 1:30:45 AM

Dudes your going to far. This isn't rice. The Spoiler may be a bit much but it'sa still good.

6/7/2007 2:17:34 AM

@HSV - I know people here will think, "Ohhhh thiz iz an0!h3r ric3rz, it'z ricedz!!!!!" I don't say it's riced, but the speed is...Unbelievable and Unreal.

6/7/2007 2:43:59 AM

10.6 MB??? Looks like a track car. Why 500k's its a bit steep...

SLZ Roadstar
6/7/2007 3:53:33 AM

Hell. 10.61mb. SHEATS. MORE SUPERBLY OVERRICED. but overall nice modelling.

6/7/2007 9:22:52 AM

I don't say this one is riced,but its top speed is pretty fast.Extremely hard to control this car in Circuit races,Sprint races,Speedtrap races,Lap Knockout Races except Drag races.

6/7/2007 9:55:35 AM

This car can be great in Speedtrap Races, when it hits 500, opponents will think, WTH!?!!? 500KM/H!?!?!

6/8/2007 2:22:33 PM

LOL my oppenents won't react after the race has started

6/9/2007 3:45:25 AM

500 kph in Speedtrap races WTF!?! I think this would be great!

6/10/2007 10:57:59 AM

maan i love the dezzign but that unreal topspeed is a big minus!!
10.6 mb is much for a car but i dont care..ill download anyway:P

6/10/2007 3:33:47 PM

hey man, you are really crazy. this is a bomb not a car. is the faster car of all games who I played. is an orgasm. realy really nice work man. thank you. 10+

6/15/2007 9:42:31 AM

The truth is that the bodykit looks stunning.Brakes,too.But it has a low quality and a too big file.And keep it real please!

6/18/2007 3:25:20 PM

no offence, but you are a professional at riceing

6/20/2007 12:19:08 AM

No, Its not riced.

This one IS riced:

poor muscle car...

6/20/2007 4:08:50 PM

i love it good job no great job

6/28/2007 6:46:46 AM

Hey Crazy_Max are you going to put that Toyota 2000 GT here?
I already downloaded it (12.6 MB )

7/3/2007 3:34:48 PM

I dont see any shadows ^^

7/7/2007 9:07:08 AM

on my game the wheels arn't in the wheel arches can some one help me with how to fix

7/8/2007 9:24:34 AM

525kmh/h top speed!!!!! just amazing.....however i suggest a version with
junkman parts....maybe it will go over 600km/h!

Mr. Sting Ray
7/12/2007 6:55:15 PM

At least it's unstoppable in a drag race. With the stratospheric top speed, imagine hitting a roadblock of Heavy Rhinos at that speed.

7/27/2007 1:37:45 PM

OMG, This is a monster, not bmw!! O_o

8/11/2007 7:07:50 AM

Please... My face is being ripped off due to it's very very very very very very very very bad modifications.

8/14/2007 8:10:28 AM

If it only have some Race Team Vinyls from one of the DTM teams using BMWs :(

If it has, Then.......

Announcer: Wait, we have a last minute entry from Team NFS. It's Tunermaster, representing Team NFS in the BMW M3 GTR, Car no. 38 alongside Crazy_Max in car no. 37.

(Crowd Roars)

After Qualify
Announcer: WOW, they start in 2nd Row. Join us tomorrow folks for the begin of Rd 1 of the DTM. Will Team NFS get a debut win, or will Bernd Shneider and Team Mercedes Benz, starting in front row hold his crown? Let's find out tomorrow.

8/18/2007 1:20:37 PM


8/20/2007 4:34:31 AM

Hey,can anyone make a BMW M5 for NFSMW

8/20/2007 4:36:18 AM

Nice Work anyway

11/24/2007 2:26:52 PM

damn man you are going to be my best friend now.......i love the bmw cuz its handles real good and you can put body kits on it and still keep the bmw look.

11/24/2007 3:24:16 PM

O' k i' m running the game right now as i type and the only problem i see when looking at the car is that my wheels are off by a little there like in between the finder so how would i go about fixing something like that are could you fix it and upload a new copy of the car........if you can upload a new car with fixed bug that would be great cuz i love this car.

12/4/2007 12:57:25 PM

nice, very nice, now i gonna chech it out! ;)

12/8/2007 3:21:44 PM

how can i put this car in the game??
i'm new here!!


12/8/2007 6:41:32 PM

The TS maybe unrealistic but atleast you have more chance at kikin there asses :P

12/9/2007 5:06:10 AM

nu inteleg unde e linku de download..:-?? pune si mie linuku aici ca nu il gasesc nsuh cum sa il downlaodes pls

2/2/2008 12:49:05 AM

how i can instal a car in to the mostwanted

Torque Steer
3/1/2008 6:25:03 AM

Massively unrealistic speed, but it looks the part. Those "steps" at the back of the rear wheelarch are actual aerodynamic modifications, look at the Audi A4 DTM. On proper race cars, the front splitter (flat bit that juts out under front bumper, helps downforce) are almost always carbon fibre. Only ricers make them out of fibreglass or something. The wing is nice, but a bit too big for my liking. If BMW entered DTM as well as GT2, the car would definitely look like this, if not as exaggerated. Good stuff!

3/5/2008 9:18:49 PM

This 500KM/H M3 is way too fast & this makes it not realistic performance. This is not suppose to be a rocket car! A fully modded BMW race car shoudn't even go this fast! This car has fictional crazy mods done by a crazy guy. Your name tells it all. You are crazy to the max! I do like BMWs though.

Funky Junkie
3/7/2008 8:37:50 AM

this car should have the model of the batman-car .... :D
the performance is fucking insane... :D ... i like it somehow... but its so unrealistic.... well, nfs is unrealistic at all (with or without mods).... at least i like the model of that bmw.... and its fucking funny to drive around with ;-)

3/29/2008 6:54:22 PM

....awesome! it is very fast and the handling is good! i like it very much!!
but all police cars stop when they're pursuiting me! correct that please!!!!!!!!!!!
thats f**k!!!

3/29/2008 6:59:07 PM

to skrotor(and the others): junkman parts don't do anything! the topspeed is allways 525!

4/26/2008 2:40:17 PM

In my opinion this BMW DTM isn't the fastest car in NFS MW!

I wonder about TOP SPEED Shelby GT500 KITT? Maybe one of You have chance to test top speed this Shelby GT 500 KITT?

5/12/2008 11:41:06 PM

Vynil a bit off...

5/17/2008 12:28:42 AM

why does it move slow in my nfsmw(i mean the acceleration)?can anyone fix this problem?

5/17/2008 12:48:42 PM

How do u install mods for nfsmw?

6/2/2008 7:16:38 AM

It's f****n cool i ride it in 523 km/h

6/2/2008 2:07:12 PM


6/6/2008 7:34:39 AM

Wow, when I use this car, all other cars stop moving. It's as if this car is so fast that it's rupturing the fabric of space and time. Awesome, but how come the stats aren't full? Does that mean my cars with full stats can go that fast too or is that an error you just overlooked?

6/6/2008 7:56:17 AM

Not that I'm saying that it's possible to reach that speed in the game with a normal car, but what if they built a mega road or something? will my fully tuned cars be able to reach that kind of speed in that case?

Saif Karigar
6/10/2008 5:40:20 AM

Yo Crazy Max are you Crazy What language is the Readme

7/13/2008 7:11:03 PM


7/14/2008 4:43:43 AM

man have you ever watched dtm there are bo bmw s

8/3/2008 11:38:56 AM

i also downloaded this car but the sl65 is a bonus car and i can't modifie it.
please help : how can i tune this bmw

8/10/2008 7:01:02 AM

coolllll...but wheres the frontend??

8/23/2008 7:05:40 AM

It doesn't work in my game:|. I have placed cars_replace in addons... All by the book...but in Mod loader the car is the same corvette:(( can somewone help me?

8/23/2008 10:27:50 AM

its corvette c6r in the bonus

8/23/2008 2:04:57 PM

oh yes i found it thanks very much:X
But why isn't it like the others cars?:-/ it would be cooler:X

9/7/2008 8:25:44 AM

If i download this, its coming some viruses? its non-virus thing?

9/7/2008 8:34:51 AM

how do i uninstall it?

9/8/2008 1:23:01 AM

delete the folder CORVETTEC6R from ADDONS->CAR REPLACE

9/8/2008 3:01:39 AM

i did that but its still in the game with the wheels wrong placed

9/19/2008 6:35:00 PM

Damn! how you can get vinyls on DTM?

9/21/2008 9:04:04 AM

this is not the fastest car... I have an aston martin faster than this. but I don't know why it's so fast... i mean really, really fast

9/21/2008 9:39:29 AM

This thing reduces the top speed meter of the other cars and stops the enemies. The same thing goes with McLaren F1 GTR. Dirty way to win.

9/27/2008 8:36:52 AM

when i do a race it freezes all other ppl that are racing me.

its AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/27/2008 8:37:00 AM

when i do a race it freezes all other ppl that are racing me.

its AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/27/2008 8:37:05 AM

when i do a race it freezes all other ppl that are racing me.

its AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/27/2008 8:37:11 AM

when i do a race it freezes all other ppl that are racing me.

its AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/27/2008 8:37:11 AM

when i do a race it freezes all other ppl that are racing me.

its AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/27/2008 8:37:11 AM

when i do a race it freezes all other ppl that are racing me.

its AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

even bosses

10/2/2008 7:37:28 PM

Hey this M3 is sikk man! All those guys who say its totally riced obviously have never seen a DTM car before ;). Anyway, I compared it to the M3 GTR, and it totally CRUSHED Razors car. And to think I thought that car ruled Rockport... All I have to say is: Razor watch your ricer @$$, theres a new sheriff in Rockport!!! lol But one problem: my AI opponents don't move when I drive the car... not like its a bad thing, they just get in the way on the next lap... if you know what I mean.

10/2/2008 7:43:46 PM

And one more thing: For those of you who are wondering, BMW does NOT participate in DTM, this car merely is a fantasy concept car embodying the aggressive aerodynamics of today's DTM cars. Go look at the new Mercedes-Benz C DTM. That should give you racing n00bs a clue-in.

10/3/2008 9:46:39 AM

yeah mine too

10/6/2008 1:32:41 PM

theres so much plastic sticking off ur gonna be slicing animals apart by the second

11/17/2008 4:27:16 PM

I found something like that in Austrian Hillclimb but it's an E36!

12/16/2008 4:25:10 AM

GOOD CAR but in photos have vinyls when i download them i can't put vinyl :< what we must do to put vinyls please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/28/2008 8:11:50 AM

Damn This car looks very fast. I will download it to see is it true. Damn!!!

12/28/2008 1:21:30 PM

An extremely fast car however its too laggy and i cant race anyone with it (but stills its an awesome car!)

12/29/2008 5:50:28 AM

Totally of the wall! 99.9% chance of winning every race. Oh, and for the record: BMW DID take part in the DTM in the eighties and nineties. They even were champions in '84, '87 and '89

12/30/2008 11:33:21 AM

SlayeRexRazor download another profile then it will work i had the same problem and i ve downloaded another profile and it worked

NOS Freak
1/7/2009 6:46:05 AM

I don't see the diference between this BMW and the original BMWM3!!!

1/18/2009 2:32:29 PM

the cars extirur is quite good but it dousnt drive good
conclusion it sucks it stops every thing aponants cops
and some times that sucks duh

1/19/2009 11:49:39 AM

HELP PLEASE !!! I'm a new member in this great nfs site. I installed modloader and the level 5 persuit like lvl7 hack works and i istalled 1 other car mazda rx7 All WORKS. But when i put the BMW DTM nothing hapend ! There is no car in the shop or anywhere. Please HELP!

Sorry about my mystakes in the writing! I can't write very well in english!

3/25/2009 2:39:35 PM

Same problem as pepo's.Only that i only installed the DTM without any other mods.

3/25/2009 3:04:39 PM

looks grate man good job

4/7/2009 7:03:45 AM

@ GTR: What did they do to that poor NFSU 2 Mustang? I say that abuot my Mom and Sister's NFS rides, tho too. They rice it up and then they add pink and purple to th good cars. t makes me want to puke. A Pink Mustang? Give me a break!

@ Ziembobrud: KITT is a supercar, with futuristic technology. He is meant to be fast.

@ Crazy_Max: This ride is insanely fast, I can't control it half the time even with the steering wheel, and it looks sort-of ricey. It would be better if you dumped the spoiler, and added the basics of ricing. Well maybe not roof scoops, you NEVER roof scoop an M3.

5/4/2009 11:42:20 PM

i like it...put black paint on and it gives it a demonic feel to it ..holy shit thats f****** intense to drive

5/12/2009 9:46:00 AM

very good and when i started race the other cars won't move and we only

5/14/2009 5:33:57 PM

to all the people carrying on that its not realistic, you sound stupid coz its not a simulator so it doesnt have to be exact, its heaps fun to drive so who gives a fuck.

5/14/2009 6:32:12 PM

@ pepo930 & tawdarky: You have to use the Shop Spezial hack (available in the tools section of this site), and then it will be in place of the Corvette C6.R bonus car.

@ Sphinx8: Yes, I know BMW competed in the 80's and 90's, but they were competing with the E30 and E36 chassis cars. The E46 chassis came after BMW stopped competing in DTM, and around 2004-2005 is when the DTM cars started seeing wild aerodynamics like on this car. So, this car is a fantasy concept since there is no E46 M3 DTM in competition and there never was.

5/16/2009 12:02:53 PM

amazing...good job..pls can u make the BMW M6?...

5/18/2009 1:19:43 PM

that dont woek on me tell me why PLS !!

5/18/2009 1:22:10 PM

dode if ypu can PLS make BMW e21 that is perfect BMW PLS

5/18/2009 8:44:24 PM

omg i love this car

5/30/2009 4:44:31 AM

dude, this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5/5

Muhammad Umar.
7/1/2009 8:46:29 PM

graet car 5/5. i'm using this car for LAN play in nfsmw the other players say "what r u doing".

7/1/2009 10:37:34 PM

like an F22? true! it's like starscream ^^... how do i change the paint?

v. seby
7/6/2009 6:29:46 AM


7/6/2009 7:41:58 AM

can ANYONE convert/make delawrean(newest) and mitsubitsue oulander(2005 and newest) to: mw /ug2(if possible)/ cabon(if possible) / uc(if possible)
repleace:porch 911 and suv light=05 outlander
suv heavy and cobart=newest oulander
for mw it must be the same replace car cause i have a lot of mod cars
civil cop and gti =delawrean

SUGGESTION ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and great car but too fast only 240mph
or 360kmh
and too bag a spoiler!?&@#$%^&*()!!@@

Rude Batista
8/3/2009 12:00:11 PM

guys... im new to this.. but... wut does riced mean?

8/7/2009 4:29:23 AM

please help with DMT how to install this car

8/25/2009 2:13:26 PM

Hey "Soul_Eclipse" :
first you may have nfs mw mod loder you can download it in this URL :
and then open the zip file extract the "CORVETTEC6R" folder and paste it in "ADDONS' ' folder .

NOTE: the "ADDONS" folder should be in nfs most wanted's main folder:

if you have any problems you can tell me at this e-mail: ""

Good Luck

8/29/2009 1:47:03 PM

i have a question guys, i realise that this car has this weird aura/habit. when am racing against other cars, or if i run into a cop, all opponents cars jus stop and freeze. no one's racing against me, and the cops wont chase me, so its boring, do u guys have any idea how to fix this? please help.


8/30/2009 5:20:55 AM

for a good car like this please make perfect vinyls

9/20/2009 3:28:01 PM

it doesn't make any sense, i want a nice race not an EZ race!!!
and handling sucks!

10/6/2009 1:14:43 PM

wtf you did with my cars man!!!!...????

10/17/2009 12:26:49 PM

is not working!!!!!!!!!

10/18/2009 1:14:13 PM

i want this car!!!!!!!!!!somebody help me=>

10/30/2009 12:43:16 PM

okay is have to complete the game first.......but i still have a did you painted your car like like that??

10/31/2009 12:00:09 AM

Insane car!!! This car is unreal!!! Just like the Pro-Tuned Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren!!!

1/9/2010 10:47:26 AM

Someone help!!!!!!!! respond, i can't install the car in the game

3/13/2010 7:57:48 AM

how do u get those vinyls? theres no vinyls.bin in your c6r file.

for x-game

6/17/2010 3:33:52 AM

All I can say is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

6/28/2010 10:47:48 AM

this is my favourite car since i saw it but can it be used in carrer mode???
if it cant its boring

6/28/2010 10:49:50 AM

i realize it can be used in career mode but how??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

7/4/2010 12:38:39 AM

if i using this car and when i got to race, the other racer/enemy will unable to move and race....why???(please reply)

Anyways, it's a nice car!

7/4/2010 4:16:54 PM

i dont konw as well, thats weird! that is one thing stupid but the other one is that by those pictures posted by crazy_max i can use that car in career mode but how????

7/5/2010 1:48:14 AM

and one more thing that's weird enough! if i use that car and when i got to complete some milestone, the cop will unable to move up too! 0_o

@lipas: if you want to use that car in career mode, firstly use shopspezial

7/13/2010 10:47:02 AM

by the way i would like to know if somebody had the gutz to create a "MINOLTA TOYOTA" of the le mans 24 series because it is my favourite car.
the person who can do it warn me plzzzzz
i would like even more if some guy create the koenigsegg agera plz

7/19/2010 5:02:35 AM

The perfect ricer.

Riced car body.
Riced performance.

Everything on this car is riced.

7/24/2010 4:14:24 AM

can't u fix the cop freeze?

8/4/2010 12:17:33 PM

500 km/h = 310,69 mp/h =)

9/3/2010 3:59:05 AM

can anyone please help me i seem to have replaced the corvette c6.r with bmw dtm but it changed only its look the speed is still poor as the corvette's and when i choose a car it says corvette c6.r. Its engine also sounds as same as the corvette's so only the look has been changed Any help appreciated :)

10/24/2010 11:14:05 AM

miten asentaaaaaaaaaaaa?

11/21/2010 5:04:59 AM

Great car... i love it.. but the only thins i hate is that why when the race start our opponents doesnt move at all? even the police doesnt move... can you fix this please.. need help asap

12/18/2010 12:59:54 PM

nice car!

Please someone make a mini cooper 1999 you can also tune
Please, please, please

12/31/2010 8:35:28 AM

CooL Car its Great!!!!!!!!!

2/5/2011 12:13:24 PM

500 km/h = 300 m/h

2/9/2011 5:07:04 PM

sweet car does 670km when i install junkman parts using trainer

2/10/2011 7:16:21 AM

what the hell the gallardo GT3 R is faster than this

2/27/2011 4:59:40 AM

man can you make some vinyls for this car?plz

4/3/2011 3:02:16 PM

hello ... I want a BMW E36 for nfs mw .. think I can get?....thanks

4/3/2011 5:21:48 PM

^stop spamming jack ass

4/6/2011 1:21:41 PM

This mod is making my cars not work :<( !!!!!!!!!!!!

4/18/2011 4:36:50 AM

hi there it is a f*cking cool mod dude and its seriously fast but why arent the other reacers and cops not driving when i drive that car

vinyl hunter
4/19/2011 8:27:10 AM

omfg 500 km/h?!?!? you should check the way it starts going!!!!!

4/27/2011 12:30:37 AM

Great car. reached 350 miles per hour in world loop. just do one favour if possible add it in career so it can be modified.

4/29/2011 5:40:32 AM

how did u do that plz tell me how to add junkman parts in this car as it is not available for bonus cars.

Gabba 5000
4/29/2011 11:44:24 AM

Hey man-this is incredibelly awesome car-can you make one for NFS Carbon-it would been perfectly replacing BMW M3 GTR. 10X.

5/29/2011 8:57:27 PM

Can you add vinyls for this car?

8/17/2011 12:24:47 PM

i can put in other car?

10/1/2011 3:59:19 AM

hey dude nice work..!! ;)

10/2/2011 9:46:15 AM

top speed 526 km/h, i broke all speed trap records!!!!!!!

11/14/2011 2:44:49 PM

Can anyone help, when i go to race, the competitors not start moving, they move 0% in the whole race. That sucks becuz it dont make a race that you drive lonely in race. (sorry my bad english)

11/17/2011 7:21:27 PM

Excuse me,,,,
I like that bodykit....!!!
some1 please tell me how to make a body kit for my cobalt...?!?!?!

11/29/2011 2:02:42 PM

excuse me.. i downloaded the zip,i should copy the all of the ADDONS file to the place of the cars in nfsmw? help ^^

12/23/2011 3:00:30 PM

this car can go up to 325 MPH

1/14/2012 5:55:42 AM

awesome car...

1/14/2012 8:53:54 AM


1/20/2012 11:37:34 AM

the cops call the car a corvette, can u fix that?

1/30/2012 12:12:45 PM

where i have to put it

BMW Fan1995
4/7/2012 12:31:15 PM

A.W.E.S.O.M.E. just one question is the razor vinyl in there

5/23/2012 9:17:44 PM

This mod stop the enemies' car, with the settings on the attributes.mwps that torque value always increase (for example 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800).
The normal value is decreased from 6th value (ex. 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 950, 900, 850, 800). but, matur nuwun, this car is really nice, even i make this car run at max speed 500 mph (i'm crazy), but it's nice!

5/23/2012 9:33:13 PM

if you want to fix the freeze cops, just edit on the attributes.mwps, makes the 6th torque value is smaller than 5th value, and so the other values (like example above)! this will make other car won't freeze, and the competition and pursuit start!

5/23/2012 9:39:29 PM

oh ya, for the vinyls, just copy the vinyls.bin from original corvettec6r, but it has only 10% exact!

6/10/2012 9:30:27 AM

ride it with 510 km/h ^_^

6/10/2012 10:16:03 AM

sorry for caspslock

6/17/2012 7:31:23 PM

Really a monster!

6/18/2012 6:42:42 AM

hell yeah

7/1/2012 9:49:45 AM

How can you edit it? I tried opening the attributes using PSPad but didn't find anything about torques.

7/10/2012 12:48:43 AM

there's no word torque on that file, but you'll find it if you're lookin' on aru's VLTEdit, look for torque on corvette C6R, and then remember the 1st offset that looks like this: bin:0xXXXXXX. I'll explain later!

7/14/2012 7:11:24 AM

@ crazy_max where can i find that pink bmw on 16nth and 17nth screenshots

7/14/2012 2:50:45 PM

that picture was uploaded by me not crazy max

7/14/2012 3:59:01 PM

than please can you tell me where can i find that because it rocks, anyways if it your's can you send me a link please? still if it is your's i give you 5/5! :) ;)

7/26/2012 1:36:04 AM

@kaze79: here is the torque hash value
patch float bin:0x13ed8 170
patch float bin:0x13edc 251
patch float bin:0x13ee0 340
patch float bin:0x13ee4 428
patch float bin:0x13ee8 467
patch float bin:0x13eec 512
patch float bin:0x13ef0 637
patch float bin:0x13ef4 972
patch float bin:0x13ef8 1272

edit the 7th value from 637 to the smaller value than 512 (ex 500), 8th value smaller than 7th value and 9th value smaller than 8th value!

2/28/2013 5:15:04 AM

I used to use this car everytime I played MW...omg how things have changed

6/22/2013 7:28:28 AM

my PC lags when I am going to select this car. who can fix ? anyone?

8/22/2013 7:13:18 PM


10/6/2013 8:54:37 AM


3/10/2014 10:43:17 AM

lol 10.61 mb... make my computer running out of space

3/10/2014 10:44:41 AM

then how to open the .mwps file?

3/10/2014 12:56:07 PM

↑ Use Notepad ;)

6/20/2014 12:53:52 PM

Hi, I just replaced the files after extracting to C6.... but nothing happened?? Help Please...

6/20/2014 2:13:17 PM

↑ you have to have modloader installed.

6/21/2014 12:21:03 AM

Thanx a lot GREGER...

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