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Vinyls for NFSU2Report

  • Author: pesfreak
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  • Game: Need For Speed: Underground 2 NFS: Underground 2
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  • File Size: 2.12 MB
  • Added: 4/20/2010 1:49 PM
  • Downloads: 9306 (80 this week)
  • Views: 46147 (365 this week)
  • Uploaded By: pesfreak
  • Approved By: FOX

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Vinyl pack
Santiago "Pesfreak"

How to Install

1)Open and find //C:\Archivos de programa\EA GAMES\Need for Speed Underground 2\CARS\RX8\Vinyls.bin.
2)Replace "RX8_TRIBAL_000.dds" and "RX8_TRIBAL_000_MASK.dds" then you save the file.
3)Repeat this with all the cars you want the vinils are full compatible.

Note: You can replace the special vinyls With all the other vinils "Sponsor-tribal-unique" etc.

Sorry but my english sucks

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1 4/21/2010 2:58:26 AM

RX-8 ??????
Very nice vynils !!!!!!

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2 4/22/2010 9:03:18 PM

Please coment
Its free

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3 4/26/2010 11:44:27 PM

good work man.........

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4 6/19/2010 5:49:07 PM

found a bug (wich may only occur on my computer):you know that skyline vinyl you made with the vinyl pack? when i import you vinyls skyline vinyl, it turns out to be the same type of vinyl as the original dds vinyl

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5 6/19/2010 5:50:40 PM

ps:i love the 2fast2furios skyline

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6 2/9/2012 5:08:51 AM
StYlE KiLlEr

guys i need vinyls .bin file to download not vinyls cuz i don't have the file

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7 4/12/2012 11:23:57 PM

@StYlE KiLlEr : i don't have that file(s) too...

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8 9/5/2013 4:08:46 AM

same 2 me i lso dont hve dem

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9 8/13/2014 4:24:07 AM
Usama Farrukh

could any one please upload vinyls.bin files for all cars

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