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audi a3 settingsReport

  • Uploaded By: Drifter_X
  • Approved By: CVPI19

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please NO bad words
please say good comments

this is part 2 of audi a3

i used this idea from superenemy77

you got 5 things inside the zip:

1000 kph: drag race audi that goes about 1,071 kph

a bit better: you will feel that the car is a bit faster

backup: in order you want to uninstall

faster: a fast one which is faster than "a bit better"

sensitive: handles and speed's fine

to install:

1) download car configurator 9.0 (must 9.0 otherways it will give you a error message)
2) unzip the winrar
3) click on: open configuration file first
4) browse for your: GlobalB.lzc
5) select audi a3 (if you selected other car: the car wheels will be in different position)
6) then go to menu/open settings for current car/select the one that you extract
7) click save
8) run the game and enjoy

bye XD

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1 6/22/2012 10:06:35 AM

please comment

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2 6/26/2012 8:27:33 PM

DRIFTER_x ...visitors should be free to comment ..
maybe good or bad comment...

you say this "so please say good comment's and don't say bad comment's"

when you say this....You will not know the weaknesses of your mod


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3 11/19/2012 7:39:27 AM

@-RYO WATANABE-: ur right... i use that 'bad words' to makes my setting better

@Drifter_X : Wohoa u makes the car much faster than mine!!! By the way, its actually ur idea... not mine

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