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NFSCars Forum Rules! (Update - Signature Image Amendment)

The forum has grown a lot lately in amounts of posts (Over 190,000 already and more than 17,000 members!), and we thought it was time to make clear what the rules of this board are.

This is a privately owned forum. Your first amendment rights don't apply here. We reserve the right to delete and ban what and who we please. We will do so fairly, but keep in mind, you are here, under OUR rules and jurisdiction. If you don't like it, feel free to leave.

This topic will be updated regularly, so please keep an eye on this.

Posting rules:
  1. Learn proper posting procedure by reading the following Forum Announcement:
    How to create topics and make proper posts and comments.
  2. When creating Forum Topics, please do not label them as "Official"- that is a designation which only staff members can assign to a specific topic. If you feel your topic should be an "Official" one, then contact one of the staff members to discuss why- usually, "Official" topics are denoted as such when they have a high volume of responses amongst other things
  3. Avatar and Signature Abuse.
    If you have repeated abuse of the avatar file size limits or place offensive text in your signature and/or avatar, you will lose your right to post text in your signature/avatar or to have an avatar altogether. Smiley(s) are allowed in your signature as long as you do not abuse the amount used.

    Your signature may include;
    1) a 500x100 image in accompany with 4 lines of text
    2) a maximum of 6 lines of text with no image.

    Your signature may not include;
    1) Offensive Text
    2) Graphic Sexual Images (suggestive or nudity)
    3) Graphical Racism or other Hate Related Images

    Signatures which violate these rules WILL be removed.

    Note : The maximum size of your Avatar image is 100 by 100 pixels up to 40.0 KB
  4. Spamming is not allowed. Spamming is posting:
    1. Unneeded posts mainly to increase own post count.
    2. Posts made merely out of boredom.
    3. Posting few words with no relation to the topic or post.
    4. Posting a Smiley(s) with little or no words is considered spamming.
    5. Resurrecting old topics is not allowed, unless it is necessary.
    6. Posting "Bump" in an attempt to bump a thread up is considered spamming.
    7. Posting to ask people to reply to your thread is considered spamming.
    8. Sending users private messages with links to visit a website, topic or download page.

  5. No "impersonating" staff members. This includes reprimanding other members or harassing them by telling them "what to do". ONLY the NFSCars Staff Member's have the authority to advise or warn members according to their infractions. If you see a bad post then use the "Bad Post Report" button located in every forum comment section. Feel free to politely suggest or inform a member when he has posted incorrectly but, allow the staff members to perform their duties and do not take this role on yourself.
  6. Reporting Bad/"Improper" Posts
    If a member's post is in violation with one or more of these rules, please leave it to an Admin or Mod to inform this person of his wrong doings and let them deal with the topic. You may also report a "bad post" using the new forum post feature explained HERE.
  7. No explicit nor injurious material. This includes pornographic and cadaverous images, links or creation of topics regarding unsafe or dangerous practices and "stunts" as well as the use of firearms/weapons/explosives.
  8. No posting of drug-related content This includes discussion of "recreational" drug use, illegal drugs, posting images of drugs or drug paraphernalia, etc.
  9. No warez. This includes links to warez sites, posting illegal software, serials, and cracks. Suggesting getting one of the following via a P2P program will not be tolerated. Requesting help with warez will result in an infraction applied, a second attempt on requesting will result in a ban, this also applies to anyone who helps.
  10. No flaming. Disrespectful or unnecessarily rude behavior against other members or staff will not be tolerated. Do not instigate a flame. If you are a veteran member, please act like one. Assist new members at the forums instead of attacking them- "n00b bashing" is not allowed and will be dealt with accordingly.
  11. No swearing. Abuse and bypassing of the forums swear filter will not be tolerated. Any swearing, whether done out of "fun" or argument will be dealt with immediately.
  12. No offensive posts. This includes racism, threats, retaliation and any other hateful posts. If you are being offended in anyway via PM by a member, please contact an admin about this.
  13. No car or track requests except in the specified thread (which can be found HERE).
  14. No testing topics in any forum. If you want to see your signature or avatar, there is one thread in Offtopic where you can post once to see if it works and to see if it fits the requirements.
  15. No extensive advertising. If you have a new NFS related website, it's ok to post about it ONCE, but not more than once. Any other subjects are not allowed.
  16. No cross posting. Cross posting is posting the same question/remark in several forums at the same time. Please post your topic once and be patient until someone responds.
  17. Only English posting. English is the only language allowed on this board. We appreciate if you PM the member you wish to speak with in another language.
  18. You are not allowed to have more than 1 account per person. If you would like a nick change, please contact an admin. If you are caught having more then 1 account for reasons we determine to cause disruption, aggravation, etc you will be perm banned. (Note: you can only have one nick change and no more afterward. This way, it is much easier to keep track of who is who on the board.)

  1. Respect Towards Staff

    We ask that you respect the staff at NFSCars and the decisions they make- therefore, please take note of the following:
    1. If you have been moderated/advised by one of the staff members, we ask that you do not take these actions personally. Our actions are based on good judgment, common sense and the above specified rules.
    2. Editing/deleting signatures, avatars, posts or topics- the staff's purpose is to keep this site running as smoothly and organized as possible.
    3. Topics and posts questioning the actions of a staff member will be deleted. You can, however, PM a staff member and discuss it with them.
    4. Breaking one or more of the above rules can result in your account being blocked permanently. Depending on the extremities of the violation, you will first be warned, Banned or lose the account immediately.
    5. If you need further help, contact an Admin or Mod.
These rules are set for EVERYONE. It doesn't matter if you're a newbie, have 2500 posts or have designed the best cars in the world, everyone should follow them.
If you see someone breaking a rule, notify someone in the NFSCars Admin Group (me for example) right away so we can take action fast!
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