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07-24-2008 until 12-30-2035
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NFSCars Forum Upgrades

NFSCars has recently gone some new changes.

as you may have noticed, we now have some new features in our forums, including but not limited to friends, social groups, tags, albums, and profile personalization.

Friends -
You can request another member on the boards to be a friend, this will show up on your profile page as well as with a + in the users online list at the bottom.

Other users who view your profile will also see who you are friends with.

You may receive an email, or a notification up in the Right hand side, under your profile name, (where private messages is currently located), of any friend requests or group invites.

Social Groups -
A Social group is a gathering of members under one such heading, where they can discuss any topics.
Users have the choice to create groups, publicly, moderated, or invite only.

The public groups can be joined by anyone.
Moderated groups will have moderation by the group creator, meaning he would authorize what can be posted.
Invite only, is just that,. You must be invited to join a group.

To view the current groups you may go Here.

Tags -
Basically, you may now tag a thread at the bottom of a page with keywords, and using the search, select specific works you are searching for to find similar threads.

*Abuse of Tag addition will not be tolerated*

Albums -
You may now create your own image albums, which are linked with your profile.

There are no limits to the size of your albums, however there are file upload limitations.

1. Only upload 10 images per attempt.
2. Maximum of 1MB image file size are allowed. Which is pretty generous.

Profile Personalization -
You may now customize your text color, font, size, and background of your profile page, giving you an opportunity to have some individuality amongst the other users on the site.

You may also choose to turn off the profile personalization, however its all or none. You cannot turn off specific individuals personalization and leave others on.

a prime example of a customization would be Linkin's profile.

Enjoy the new features.
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