View Full Version : Keyboard keys?

11-07-2006, 02:15 PM
i am back! :D

donno how many of you are still here and remember me, im the guy who was relitivly active during Most Wanted days.
i lost interest due to the onlything left for me to do in MW was to try and beat the fastest lap in the forum.....

now with the new NFS game out, i thought i'd return with some questions.
1. how the hell do you change Look back and Change camera keys?
2. what the f*ck is the enter building key? not F1, Enter is my accelerate, so..........

my opinion about Carbon? Carbon = Crap. what is EA thinking? :rolleyes5
-bad graphcis,
-bad races
-bad AI
-bad police chaces
-bad storyline, badly tolded (yes, have completed career mode)
-bad hud
-wtf is up with the NPC's textures? no lighting affects them.