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11-20-2006, 07:43 PM
Yesterday night I was in Best Buy, debating whether to get the Xbox or the PC version, and eventually I decided to get the Xbox version because of the increased maneuverability with the controller.

It was also because even though I could get better graphics with the PC and get the collectors edition etc. it wouldn't really be playable for me until I got my new graphics card and steering with arrow keys isn't very fun, I can't ease the steering and control the throttle etc. like I can in the Xbox version.

I was also worred that on the Xb. version the graphics and framerate would suffer, oh boy was I wrong. They had much improved since MW. I was also wondering about heat lvl 1 and the loosness of what cop cars could be chasing you at what heat level.

I found the heat lvl 1 cops were more persistent (they should be) and a little harder to shake off and I liked the diversity of chases and how the whole vehicle system to heat level system worked.

In a challenge mode chase I was spotted by 2 marked crown vics at heat level 2 and they quickly called in for more trained help (heat level 2 or higher) and all of a sudden a rhino flew out of nowhere and a GTO cruiser was chasing me then heat level 2 cops were chasing me.

It was turning out to be a good game, especially when I saw how they re-worked the street races and the catchup-AI seemed to be gone.

I had been looking through my strategy guide in awe while reading about the online pursuit modes. Then it fell apart, I realized the online side of the game was missing.

EA really did a good job on the current-gen consoles even while focusing their efforts on the next gen consoles, as always the current-gen game versions could be better if EA gave them full attention, but not even bothering to put xbox live in? That's unacceptable.

I've been ripped off! Single Player rocks but I wanted to finally be the cop in Multi-player, isn't Ea's policy that all versions (excludong collectors edition) are supposed to be exactly the same content-wise?

Mr. Sting Ray
11-20-2006, 11:57 PM
It's not "that hard" for me to use keyboard. A rather tight configuration I've used for Most Wanted works well for Carbon too. Speedbreaker is M. Nitrous is N. And look back is B. And camera pull back is V, that way I have all four fingers of my left hand on the keyboard in a row, and the spacebar for handbrake just a thumbtap away. Plus, it just takes some good practice using arrow keys.

11-26-2006, 12:55 PM
@NFS_CHASER: You should have gotton the PC version. You'll get a ton of better features/graphics.