View Full Version : Problem when editing textures from a track

04-04-2007, 07:24 PM
I'm editing Andreas Neuer's Country Summer track (updated by General) and added a few textures to the original FSH file. Everything is displayed correctly in T3ED, but, when I start the game... ( (

First pic was taken in T3ED, the second, in the game. What's happening here is that I have a series of textures and, instead of the textures I choose in T3ED, the game is displaying the textures which are positioned after the ones I choose in the FSH file. This should clarify what I'm saying: (

Texture 0177, in T3ED, is assigned to the road in the tunnel and 0178, to the borders of the road. However, the game, for no apparent reason, replaces 0177 with the subsequent texture (0178), 0178 with 0179 and so on. I have no clue about why this is happening, and it seems to happen only with textures which were added to the FSH, not the ones which were already in the file. Could someone help me with it?

NJ (XJ220)
04-05-2007, 07:01 AM
0175 and 0176 show that this track uses some modified textures for the mirrored setup. So it's probably because the index.fsh isn't correctly setup. T3ED doesn't support these extra textures (just open the NFS2SE Outback and you'll see what I mean), but HS does. That's why you encounter the problem in-game only.