View Full Version : "Member's Rides" - Rules

11-13-2007, 08:49 AM
First off, what is this forum?

It was created to replace the "Member's Car Corner" thread, due to the large amount of posts, most of which contain pictures which make the thread very annoying to load.

The idea here is to create an experience similar to what goes on in "Editing Projects", where each owner has a thread devoted exclusively to his/her own car(s).

There are a few guidelines that should be kept in mind:

* All threads will Be created with the "Carname" - Year Make Model format

1. Most importantly, all of the main forum rules should still be followed.

2. Constructive criticism and compliments are welcome for any car. Pointless bashing is not. Similarly, if you are on the receiving end of constructive criticism you should take it as such.

3. ONE thread only per car is allowed. If you have more than one car, you can combine them all in one thread or have them separate, but you may not create more than one thread for each car you own.

4. You may only post cars that are YOURS. No parent's cars, no sibling's, friend's, etc. Only if this car is in your driveway and you have some degree of ownership to it are you allowed to post it in this forum.

Some leeway will be given in regards to double posting and thread revival for car owners to update their threads. However, please do not abuse this.

Keep in mind that a person's car is often an ongoing project which displays their efforts and visions for their car. Respect should always be given.