View Full Version : NFS6 on modern PC's?

12-09-2007, 12:33 PM
Completely bored and unimpressed with PS, I'm back at trying to get a real NFS game working properly on my PC. Specs are in sig.

HP2 installs fine and no crash or lockup problems. I didn't use any Windows compatability option for install or to run the game.

But as soon as I'm at the starting grid the game slows to a crawl. The 3-2-1 countdown takes about ten seconds and the whole thing plays in slow motion once started. It's not low FPS, it's slow motion. Also, the graphic resolution even on the highest setting still looks like 800x600, not to mention no widescreen resolution support.

Any links or fixes for the game to run proper on a modern PC? I've already done a search of posts and files for the game here at NFS Cars, but nothing about this. This game looked and played fantastic on my last PC.

12-10-2007, 08:52 PM
did you try patching to version 2.42??? and are your video card drivers up to date??? I Myself just did a Format and Fresh windows install. I am running HP2 error free with WIN XP Pro Sp2.

Im currently running an amd x2 4800 with a geforce7600gs 512meg card.

12-10-2007, 09:36 PM
Yeah, I'm pretty much running lean and clean here. Prostreet is the only game I had on the HD until I installed HP2. I just built the PC less than two months ago.

I installed v2.42 patch last week along with the game initially. This weekend I uninstalled everything to do with the game and did a new install without using the patch. I have had the game run a couple of times normally so far. But most of the time it is in slow motion. I tried running with one CPU core but no difference at all. Looks like a GPU issue. Too fast for the game to handle it.

I now remember HP2 would do this on rare occasion on my last PC, and I have since found other forums with the same slow motion complaints from users. But no answers. Now the slow motion problem is the rule rather than the rare exception. No similar issue listed at EA tech.

I did find the work around for all widescreen resolutions, so at least that issue is out of the way.