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12-30-2007, 10:08 AM

I explain : I found a way to play whit the booster pack (16 cars, 2 tracks and 2 new raceday in career) without using the 1.1 version.
First of all, you need a clean install of ProStreet. Then, made a backup of your NFS.EXE and the folder ..\Need for Speed ProStreet\CARS\VINYLS (if you don't backup the folder VINYLS, the game will crashed). After that, upgrade your game to version 1.1 (I made the test with the US version and the "dlcpatchrelease_iso.exe" patch, but I think it works with all the version).
After you patch the game, bring back the NFS.EXE and the VINYLS folder and that's all.

Two importants things : you need to start a new career (importing old one made the game crashed) and some trainers for the 1.0 version (because I use the 1.0 exe) don't work anymore.

So, start a new career, enter the "collectorsed&" code (yes, all the codes still fonctionning) and go to the carlot : now you have 76 cars to play with (the cars from the booster pack are unlocks)

Now, the bad thing : some cars are not complete, please see the list for details.

Aston DB9 : complete (all customisation available + damage + real stats)

Aston DB9R : complete (but now customisation available : the car comes whith a "locked" blueprint, if you try to make a new one, the game crashed)

Audi R8 : Only wheels, engine and visual customisation

Bugatti Veyron : complete

Dodge Challenger Concept : Only wheels, engine and visual customisation

Honda S2000 : complete

Koenisegg CCX : complete

Lamborghini Gallardo : Only wheels, widebody, engine and visual customisation

Lancia Delta : complete exept bodykits (the wide one works)

McLaren F1 : complete

Mercedes SL65 AMG : complete

Plymouth RoadRunner : complete

Porsche Carrera GT : complete

Porsche GT3RS : complete except the stock vinyl that won't show

Porsche GT3 : complete

Seat Leon : complete

The last thing, when you race against "non-finished" cars (it's only happens in the 2 news racedays for me), they could be "non-finished". The game won't crashed, it's just ugly.

Please let me know if you have problem whith this method.

12-30-2007, 05:22 PM
or just wait for the boosterpack with the finished product.