View Full Version : Pursuit Ford Crown Victoria outside Be the Cop Mode in NFS 6

01-26-2008, 01:27 PM
I know the only way to make the police cars outside be the cop available in NFS 6 is to copy and rename the skincop to a new color then edit the vehicle.ini to active the cop skin and equipment with the M5, TS50, HSV Coupe GTS, Mustang SVT Cobra R, Corvette Z06, 911 Turbo, Viper GTS, Diablo VT 6.0, and Muricelago and that you can not turn the lights when they are outside be the cop mode and when you do to this to the crown victoria it only allows you to chase the AI racer in the car or race the AI in races where you are not the police and not let you play as the Crown Victoria outside be the cop without replacing another car in the cars folder is it possible to get this working without replacing another car with hex editing or no because in the Playstation 2 version the Crown Victoria was available outside be the cop mode (known as You're the Cop mode in this version) in all challenge modes is it possible to make this feature work on the PC version or no please let me know if hex editing will allow the Crown Victoria to available outside be the cop mode through hex editing without replacing another car.