View Full Version : Do private races count towards "Traffic"?

03-04-2008, 07:24 PM
Am trying to join GEffect day online... have been trying for 6Mins (EDIT: 8 now) and counting.

I assume if there is 'traffic', there is a game available but maybe it's in progress so I can't join... but 20-30+ ties in a row?

Still trying but begin to think it might be a 'private' game so I'm wasting many hours of my precious life over the coming months trying to join games I can't possibly join!

EA - SORT IT OUT! I mentioned "Transparency" in a previous post - let us know what's going on in-game - make it BLATANTLY obvious or idiots like me find EA games to to be a waste of our time and we go elsewhere.

no offense but PLS! You guys make stunning games but they're beginning to be too confusing.

03-04-2008, 08:02 PM
is another reason they try to avoid using the programmers that are high..

private races are not counted towards public traffic.. you click on geffect, you should either .A join a group nearing 8 people, or B. start a new race, where you will end up being the host for the first round.

reading some threads elsewhere, there has been problems with servers and getting online with the 1.0, as the servers are reading at 1.1

other reasons could be overvolume of traffic on that raceday, which i would assume incorrect as Geffect doesnt get half as much traffic as RogueSpeed or Nitrocide.

03-06-2008, 03:39 PM
Thanks Sin, Glad I know private races don't count towards traffic shown.

Since you mention:

"or B. start a new race, where you will end up being the host for the first round."

That doesn't happen for me. I've asked about a "Host" button before and think I got a similar answer to what you said... All I get is a serach for games (That lasts a second) then a search for players (That lasts ages), the "No players found"

Having said all that, I've found a workaround - If I leave the race-days map, then rejoin it, I typically am able to enter a race-day I previously couldn't join after *lots* of tries...

<Goes to put a bug in bug thread ->

<Goes to play pro street>