View Full Version : intrusive abs/TC

03-21-2008, 03:39 PM
ok, so in the options i have the difficulty set to king and the abs/tc/whatever all off, this is in grip mode obviously.

The thing thats pissing me off is that the first time i do a race everything is off as it should be and i can do sweet smoky donuts coming out of a corner if not careful.

however every time time i finish and then restart this race (like when i don't win) the TC and ABS become more and more intrusive with each finish/restart cycle.

how do i stop this?

if it matters im playing with a 400hp 350z with stage 3 suspension and tires.

04-02-2008, 05:53 PM
You don't mention crashing so I assume it's not but is the game crashing at all during your playing?

I find settings revert to previous if game crashes... is annoying when I play online and find AA is back to 8X coz I was taking pics of cars last session.

(btw - there's a cheat for drag where you set turbo to Min, do a practice run, then set to Max, the DON't do a run, then next time you do a drag race online, you get score as if you have Min turbo settings, even tho power is as per Max turbo.... Get better score that way for trying to get top score online... Just a suggestion to help you workaround the prob coz weird things like that happen, maybe similar thing happens to ABS)