View Full Version : Sharing Blueprints online

04-05-2008, 10:29 PM
I recently got a few blueprints from ppl online and shared a few of my own.

One thing I wrongly assumed was that someone who receives a blueprint wouldn't be able to see what level of mods and what tuning had been done to the car.

When I view a car won from a career challenge, I can't alter mods so can't even view what mods exist on that car (Can't even 'showcase' the car to take Pics using fraps). I assumed I couldn't view the tuning either so didn't try (Silly me).

With shared blueprints, it's the same as cars you won on challenges in career - can't change mods but can see tunings via practice from within a race day.

Isn't this a bit unfair to players who've spent so many hours tuning a car, finding out what does and doesn't work, what is worth stage4-ing or not and all the other stuff. Wouldn't it be better if the tunings themselves were hidden? You can sort of do this on a drag Camaro - The whole bit about tuning St4 suspension then removing it (Otherwise car isn't stable) - Once the St4 Susp is removed, as long as tunings are only-just-off max or min, you can't tell where they are set to.

I'm sure this makes players less likely to 'Give away' blueprints - I know I'd be happier to give away my 'print if other couldn't see my tunings so couldn't just rip me off and make one of their own. Sure, they can't change the visuals but it defeats the object if ppl can work out the level of mods from the tunings. Especially as there's competition for 'Best Tuner' - best tuner counts for shit if anyone can rip you off????

I thought hiding what you'd actually done to a car was the whole point?