View Full Version : NFSHP2 Custom Soundtrack

06-21-2008, 10:27 AM
You are bored with standard NFSHP2 music? No problem! With this simple tutorial you can add your favorite music to the game with just a few steps.

Note: This tutorial based on Shocker’s tutorial at NFS-Planet. I just simplifying it by adding pics.

Needed Tools:

1. Ditty Importer (download at
2. Notepad

Importing music into the game
1. Convert your music to EA *.ASF format using Ditty Importer, save it to C:\music or a directory which is easy to remember.

2. Rename the converted music to trackXX.asf according to music file name used in the game, for example I will replace track9.asf.



3. Copy it to audio\music directory in where you installed NFSHP2.

4. Open music.ini in audio\music, and then scroll to track9 to change the following properties.
name=Title of The Song
artist=Artist who sing the song
album=Album of The Song

Note: Make sure the properties above are match with ID3 tag of your changed music.



5. Save the file, have fun! :)