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09-09-2008, 07:34 PM
I think or no it was the best last NFS (and I'm talking about the PS2 version Hot Pursuit 2) that is like what Need For Speed mades and for the name itself.

Since EA Black Box did UG it went all downhill.

Just look at these good scores of reviews which was given to the ps2 version NFSHP2 and you'll realize how good this was or just replay the game on a ps2 console.

I begin to realize again after the latest 5 parts of nfs (which isn't nfs anymore) is where the hell EA is going. They want only credit to the name 'Need For Speed', making cash by pulling out some 'tune aspect' series and guess what, complaining about how bad Pro Street was by only twisting and shitting the formula, here you go EA.

I got my hopes for the upcoming Undercover title, but it isn't that much from what i've seen last weeks. It fits only to the later parts where the NFS franchise is going. I'm looking forward to Undercover but I've got just a bad feeling it wont outdone Hot Pursuit 2 and even some nfs parts before.

Also I got my hopes for that other team what will show the next NFS (the part after Undercover). That it'll be something like High Stakes 2 or Hot Pursuit 3.

09-09-2008, 08:47 PM
Also I got my hopes for that other team what will show the next NFS (the part after Undercover). That it'll be something like High Stakes 2 or Hot Pursuit 3.

Don't hold your breath. :P

Personally, I thought HP2 had a lot less features than it could have had, but to each his own :)

09-10-2008, 08:55 AM
I only know that the PC, Xbox, Gamecube verions lacked some features what the PS2 verion had a lot. Each to his own :P.

09-10-2008, 02:39 PM
The reasons why the Gamecube/X-Box/PC versions are different due to the fact that the Playstation 2 version was made by Blackbox and EA of Canada while Gamecube/X-Box/PC versions were made by EA of Seattle. All versions use the models with some minor differences for example like the crown victoria in the PS2 version has no push bumpers like Gamecube/X-Box/PC versions, its antenna is on the roof instead of the trunk, chrome trim on the bumpers, chrome grille and the PS2 NFS 6 Crown Victoria has had c-pillars and a interior brakelight where the Gamecube/X-Box/PC versions did not have those details and most of the PS2 police cars mostly have bigger lightbars with six strobes instead of 7 and also the police markings on the PS2 Hot Pursuit 2 cars also have the markings like the police font and 911 with phone decal which you would end up seeing later on in Most Wanted, Carbon and the soon to be Undercover. Also all the PS2 police cars also have their headlights flashing expect for the Pursuit Corvette Z06 like in the Gamecube/X-Box/PC versions. How did I know the PS2 models were the same as the other ports of Hot Pursuit because of using 3D Ripper DX and a PS2 emulator with my NFS 6 PS2 disc and even though the models were flat I seen what details the PS2 Crown Victoria had that the Gamecube/X-Box/PC versions lacked. The PS2 CV also lacks the textured nameplate you see in Gamecube/X-Box/PC versions as well too.