View Full Version : Undercover Cell Phone version review

11-15-2008, 06:26 AM
Yes everyone the cell phone version of the game is already here is my review on that version of the game. There is no cop mode in the cell phone version and plus the cell phone based NFS games are similar to the PSX/Saturn/DOS/3DO versions of The Need for Speed, PSX version of Need for Speed II and the PSX version of Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit no drivers, no interiors but unlike the first generation NFS games they lack the interiors just like their console, hand held and PC counterparts. Well the cell phone version of Undercover has missions similar to Most Wanted and Carbon like cop chase down where you have to destroy a police cruiser, bounty where unlike the console games you have to damage and destroy alot of things, of course there is the highway battle, sprint races and from the days of TNFS to NFS 6 the return of lap knockout, and 3 lap races. That is my review of the cell phone of Undercover and I give it 10/10 stars and two thumbs up even if there is no cop mode but I give EA credit for reviving lap knockout and 3 lap races from the earlier NFS games in the cell phone version of Undercover.

11-15-2008, 06:42 AM
N-gage 2.0 version will be out and I hope some improvements.