View Full Version : This level of having to deliver a package to tucker....

01-10-2009, 11:37 PM
I hate to say it, but this level is killing me. I have put more hours into this one than I am willing to admit. Sober or otherwise, it is lethal. My career is around 43% complete, and I am trying to "deliver this package to Tucker". I have to use this Mercedes, which drives like it has soap on it's wheels, am given 4 minutes to do the round trip, and, oh yeah, I have to be careful not to scratch the car up. So, if I try to go fast, I end up bouncing off everything, and if I go too slow, well, I simply run out of time. I never have gone for cheats before, figuring that given enough time I could beat whatever level was giving me fits, but, man, this one seems impossible. I am playing this on a PS2 (I usually game on a desktop, but my custom rig crashed out and I am in the process of replacing it). I was wondering if there is something that I am missing here. I mean, I'm actually playing this on the easy mode, so as to get the feel of the game, with the idea of going hard after completing it, but, damn, at this rate, I doubt that is going to happen, eh? Although I am not one to go for a cheat, I am, at this point, willing to conceed defeat on this level and take one, just so I can continue on with the game. The only other option I have would be to keep at it and hope for a miracle. Could happen, I guess. I may give it another few hours, but it may end up as 12 gauge fodder, too. We'll see.

01-15-2009, 04:10 PM
I've decided to stay with it until I beat it. No idea how long that may take, but I am going to hang in there. I'm thinking, sheet...eventually, I'll learn how to control this mercedes. Embarassing, really, since I've owned three of them. Ought to know how to drive one, ya' think? But it would be interesting to find out if anyone out there has had trouble with this level, or if it is just me. ;)

I'll say this about this forum--it is large. Very, very large. I'm a newbie here, but, large and impressive. Now, I think I'll go crash out some more. Have a good one, dudes and dudettes.

01-16-2009, 05:39 AM
that would be where you start at the bay.... thru tunnel onto highway then have to go back to where you started??

i found this hard also but finally cracked it on 3rd go!!! the merc drives like poo!! also... dont altho u get unlimited nos with that one... dont keep it on constant on motorway!! engine went bang !! you should have engine temp bar appear on that mission!!

01-18-2009, 11:58 AM that's one of the reasons the mercedes kept letting me down...too much nitros blowing the engine...well, would be nice if there was some way to keep track of that. The little note at the beginning telling you not to use the nitros too much didn't say why, so I assumed it was because it caused more damage, ergo failed mission, when you nailed another car or wall at higher speeds. Had no clue that it blew engines. Nice. Well, fortunately, I got lucky and finally succeeded in finishing the mission. I only hope there are no more packages to deliver...they can use freakin' fed ex.