View Full Version : How to tune my cars after all the aft-market parts?

dj vr rokinlove
01-28-2009, 03:33 AM
Dear all,

I'm new here. How are you guys?

I played NFS since young but as the game improves, we have more things to do instead of just buying and racing.

Now, how do the tunings work? honestly, I just drag the sliders around and if it work well then it's ok. But I see I'm kind of dumb and shallow.

Q1: Why are there Torque and HP when there's also an Accel and Top Speed bars too?

Q2: Can anyone tell me about Stiff-Hard suspension? How'd it affect the car?

Q3: Grippy tires are good so why is it that they have a bar for that too? Drifting isn't in the game anymore

Q4: I think Josie Maran is better looking, don't you?;)

Thanks people.